Fourth Week Newsletter

 “If you don't understand, ask questions. If you're uncomfortable about asking questions, say you are uncomfortable about asking questions and then ask anyway.”
-Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Americanah

 This quote by our common read author, Chimamanda Nigozi Adichie, dares us to put aside our insecurities and pretenses when facing unfamiliar territory. When challenged, academically or otherwise, be brave enough to remain openly curious and engaged.

 As the intensity of academic rigor increases over the next few weeks, students commonly begin to feel paralyzed by anxiety and self-doubt.  We often protect ourselves from feelings of failure and vulnerability by hiding authentic parts of ourselves. Yet this mask of invulnerability has a price. When we struggle to conceal our fears, feelings of shame, or inadequacy, we sacrifice the essential tools needed to overcome difficult times– joy and connection to others. This talk by Brene Brown explains how embracing vulnerability can empower us to find greater purpose and meaning.

Brene Brown “The Price of Invulnerability

The MAX Center 
Kagin Commons, First Floor
651-696-6193 (Day & Evening)
651-696-6121 (Day)

MAX Center Study Skill/Time Management Tips:

Strengthening Your Study Skills
Reading and Studying Textbooks
Hints for Planning A Better Time Schedule
Awareness Check
Long Term Products
Calculating Time Needed To Complete Assignments in a Timely Manner

Academic Advising
Your faculty advisor begins as your First Year Course instructor.

Career Advising Center
Kagin Commons First Floor

Check out this Career Center Video to get a better feel on all it has to offer!  

Disability Services
Weyerhaeuser Hall, Room 119 

We provide students with disabilities equal access to all the courses, services, programs, job activities and facilities available through the college. Although the transition from high school to college is a challenge for any student, college life can pose unique challenges for students with disabilities. Any student with a disability or anyone who would like to learn more should contact the Office of Student Affairs early in the semester to schedule a meeting with Lisa Landreman.

 Office of Student Affairs
Weyerhaeuser Hall, Room 119 

Navigating college can sometime feel confusing and overwhelming. The Office of Student Affairs is responsible for overseeing many of the critical services that support students to get the most out of their time at Macalester. Members of our staff are a good source of information about college resources and policies. Jim Hoppe, the Dean of Students, and Lisa Landreman, the Associate Dean of Students, are available to:

  • Listen to students' questions and concerns
  • Assist students in their understanding of campus policies, procedures, and expectations
  • Assist with conflict resolution between students and other members of the college or larger community
  • Help determine which office, person, or campus resource a student should work with to get questions answered and/or resolve issues.

Academic Programs Office
Weyerhaeuser Room 215

The Academic Programs Office is at the center of a wide-range of student activities that span all four years. The Academic Programs Office is responsible for coordinating:

  •       First-Year courses
  •       Faculty advisement
  •       Support for students experiencing academic difficulty
  •       Macalester's Honors Program
  •       National scholarship nomination

Dewitt Wallace Library


  • Library
  • Campus Center
  • Olin Rice
  • Kagin Commons
  • 4th Floor Old Main
  • Leonard Center (inside or out)
  • CRSL Basement
  • Open Classrooms
  • Gender and Sexuality Resource Center
  • Caribou Coffee
  • Dupre/Doty/Wallace Formal Lounge
  • The Link
  • Outside

Leonard Center Room 53

Macalester offers a range of services and resources for students that address their emotional and mental health. We offer time-limited confidential counseling, which means that our students may be seen for up to 10 sessions per academic year at no charge. Additionally, we can provide personalized referral guidance for specialized services in the local community.

 The Health and Wellness Center
Leonard Center Room 53

The Health and Wellness professionals recognize that physical activity, regular quality sleep, satisfying relationships, and eating right are important aspects of staying healthy at college.

Here is a partial list of activities we offer to help you incorporate a healthy lifestyle into your first year experience:

  • Wellness Wednesdays
  • Physical Activity Classes and Events
  • Healthy sexuality education.
  • Alcohol and other drug education
  • Full body massage.
  • Sleep and stress management education
  • Sustainable Student self-assessment:
  • Student Employment opportunities and practica


  • Fitness Center: In the 9,000 square foot fitness area students have access to stationary bikes, treadmills, circuit-training equipment, and free weights.
  • Multipurpose Rooms: Students can take classes in yoga, pilates, and stress management.
  • Performance Gymnasium: The gym seats up to 1,200 spectators for basketball and volleyball games, 50% more than the previous space.
  • Natatorium: The pool configuration allows swimmers and divers to practice simultaneously. It also includes an expanded teaching area.
  • Scotty's: Students can gather at the juice bar for snacks or watch news or sports on the flat-screen TVs.
  • Field House: All-purpose flooring allows for flexible programming for a variety of sports.
  • Health and Wellness: By integrating health and wellness into the facility, the facility helps students develop healthy habits that last for a lifetime.

 As midterms approach reflect on the joy, purpose, and meaning of academic learning.  If you find yourself challenged, acknowledge this as an opportunity for growth and personal discovery. Remember to seek out resources and support while taking enough time aside to take care of your health and happiness. 


The ITS Help Desk provides support for computer, network, or internet related problems. Give them a call at 651-696-6525, stop by Humanities 314, or click here for more information.