Second Week Newsletter

Safety and Security

At Macalester, we truly value your safety and security and want to make sure that you increase your safety on and off campus.

If you have any issues with your room, roommate, or residence hall, there are several options for you. First, utilize the Residential Life Staff. Each residence hall has a Residence Assistant (RA) on duty every night, as well as an on-call Residence Hall Director, should you need assistance.

Here's a quick list of the on-duty phone numbers for each residential area:

  • GDD, GCA, Houses, Veggie Co-op and Stadium - 651-696-8210
  • 30 Mac, Bigelow, Wallace, & Cottages - 651-696-8222
  • Doty & Turck - 651-696- 8237
  • Dupre - 651-696-8239
  • Kirk- 651-696-8269

Locked Out of Your Room? Here are the steps to take if you get locked out of room:


  1. Call any RA, they will call or page the Hall Director on duty
  2. Stop into the hall office if it's open and have the office assistant help
  3. During regular office hours, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., call the Res Life Office at 651-696-6213.
  4. Call Security 651-696-6555 (Emergency only or if all else fails, a written report will be sent to Res Life Office)

Macalester First Aid is a student organization that has assembled a team of EMTs and first responders to respond to medical emergencies. The Macalester College EMS (MCEMS) crew is on-call from 6pm-2am on Fridays and Saturdays (excluding breaks) on the second floor of the Campus Center. Call Security at 651-696-6555 if there is an emergency. MCEMS is equipped to provide basic life support until care can be transferred to other medical personnel.

Another important resource on campus is Campus SecurityTrained security officers are on duty 24 hours a day to assist in case of an emergency or to report criminal activity. Campus Security can always be reached at 6555 from a campus phone or 651-696-6555 from your cell.

Beyond Campus Security, we also have the St. Paul Police that routinely patrol the surrounding neighborhoods. All Minnesota and US Federal laws apply on and off campus. To reach St. Paul Police from an on campus telephone dial 9-911 (the first 9 is to get an outside line from a campus telephone).

We are fortunate to have a St. Paul Fire station just blocks north of campus on Snelling Avenue. Paramedics and Fire personnel respond to treat illness and injury as well as fire safety.

If you ever feel unsafe on your way home from a movie or a late night study session, SAFEwalk Service (Safe Arrival For Everyone) provides an escort to students, faculty, or staff within one mile of campus. SAFEwalk students are located on the 2nd floor of the Campus Center. SAFEwalk operates 7 days a week from 9pm until 1am and can be reached at 651-696-6699 or by calling Security at 651-696-6555. Walks requested off hours will be provided by Security within a few blocks of campus. SAFEwalk students wear orange or blue shirts or a yellow vest when it is cold. At least 3 students provide a SAFEwalk. 

In the event of an emergency on campus, MacAlert is a text messaging system that notifies you of important emergency information requiring immediate action. You can sign up for MacAlert at 1600grand then go to the "Campus Resources" tab to find the link to sign up.

Healthy Relationships are something we hope you experience while in college. Here is a site to explore for information on healthy sexuality.

Have you or someone you care about experienced personal or sexual violence? Do you know how to get the support you need for yourself or for a friend? For more information you can visit the Sexual Violence Prevention and Support website. You can also contact the Sexual Assault Crisis Hotline: 651-643-3006 (24 hours), Campus Security: 651-696-6555 (24 hours), or contact a member of the Sexual Assault Response Team.


"Take advantage of the Twin Cities! The bus system is really easy once you get some practice. Adventures into the Cities will create awesome memories with friends." - Katie Cicolello ('14)

"There is so much good food in St. Paul and especially right around campus." - Salima Seale ('14)

Good bus routes to break out of the Mac bubble (Courtesy of Rachel Durkee):

  • Take 21 at Snelling and Marshall toward Uptown - stop at Midtown Global Market or continue on to Lake and Hennepin where there are movie theaters, Lake Calhoun, restaurants, and places to shop.
  • Take 84 at Snelling and Grand North toward Rosedale. Get off at Como Ave and take the 3 to Dinkytown in Minneapolis. Go to the historic/famous Al's Diner or just mill around the unique bookstores and coffee shops.
  • Take the 84 at Snelling and Grand South toward Ford Pkwy. Get off at the light rail station. Take the light rail to Mall of America. Gawk at the size/people watch.
  • Take the 63a east toward Downtown St. Paul. Get off at Wabasha. Eat at the famous Mickey's Diner (if you can find seating in this cozy, retro dining car). 


Stuff to do @ Mac

The Loch, is a student lounge space located in the basement of the campus center. The Loch is a newly remodeled space and has a stage for events, 2 pool tables, a foosball table, 2 gaming tvs with a Wii U and Play Station 3, booth seating, and of course, free popcorn! "Nessie's" is also located in The Loch, which sells individual pizzas, Izzy’s ice cream, and other small food and drink items.

The College Events Calendar includes information regarding art, music, theater, athletics, films, lectures, and much more. Be sure to check it out!  

Stuff to do in the Area

Grandview Movie Theater is located at 1830 Grand Ave (0.5 mi west of campus) and has new movies available just moments from your doorstep. Check out the website for showtimes and coupons.

Dunn Bros Coffee has live music tonight. In fact they have live music every night. Located at 1569 Grand Ave (just east of campus) this is a great place to relax, do homework, and enjoy local musicians.

Tea Garden is located at 1692 Grand Ave (0.25 mi west of campus) and is open until 1am on the weekend. The Tea Garden is a fantastic alternative venue to late night clubbing with a live DJ and jazz entertainment. Offering lavender tea shakes, passion fruit coolers and much more.

The Mississippi Riverfront is just 1.5 miles west of campus off of Grand Avenue. Grab a friend, lace up those tennis shoes, and take a walk down to the riverfront for a spectacular view.

One of a kind shopping is just a few blocks away. Head down to the shops on Selby, Snelling, or Grand to shop major name brands, hole-in-the-wall vintage and thrift shops, and maybe grab some frozen yogurt while you're at it.

Stuff to Do in the Cities

Poetry Slams are a great way to expand your cultural horizons, explore the Cities, and have a good time with friends. Check out the website above for some great events coming up this year.

Pedal Minnesota is a great resource for the outdoorsy types. Grab a bike, a couple friends, and head out on all the beautiful trails Minnesota has to offer.

Check out the Metromix website to see what events are happening in the cities. You can find everything from comedy shows, to free movie showings, to special deals on ethnic cuisine.

Citypages is the one stop shop for finding out what is happening in the Cities. It includes all the music, arts, and culture the Cities have to offer.


  • What is it like living in the Twin Cities?
  • What is it like living on campus and in the Mac community?
  • What's your favorite thing you have done in the cities thus far?
  • How are you balancing your social life with your academic life?

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International Student Programs

Dean of Students

Jim Hoppe & Lisa Landreman

The Dean of Students and Associate Dean of Students provide important support services and are a great resource to the students of Macalester. Be sure to wave or say hello if you see them around campus. For more information click here.