Campus Activities and Operations
Eichhorn Student Activities Center
2nd Floor, Campus Center

Community Learning Model

Campus Life at Macalester College utilizes a student focused learning-centered approach to better guide and prioritize our work to foster student learning. Macalester students receive a world class education in the classroom and our aim is to insure that they also receive a first-rate learning experience beyond the classroom. These efforts seek to harness the pedagogical potential of learning opportunities beyond the classroom. Moreover they aim to foster student learning consistent with the College’s educational mission and core values. Our over-arching educational priority is that students will understand their individual responsibility to work towards just and equitable local, national, and global societies.

Campus Programs Mission

To complement classroom learning and the Macalester mission by enriching students’ out-of-the-classroom experience. Macalester, through its mission, strives to achieve educational excellence, the exploration of multicultural and diversity issues, instill internationalism and global citizenship, and service to society.    


This mission is accomplished through student involvement and complementary education. By providing varied opportunities for involvement, students are able to use these experiences to explore and practice cognitive skills learned in and out of the classroom. Out-of-the-classroom education occurs through workshops, one-to-one interaction, group feedback, advising, and student employment. These methods allow us to teach skills needed to assist student to achieve their life goals and become responsible citizens.