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Leadership Development Workshops- Spring 2014

The Leadership Workshops are hosted to help students explore and develop their leadership potential. All workshops are free and open to all students.

Thursday Feb. 27, 11:45-1:00pm in CC 215
Myers Briggs
: What's your type? Join Mary Emanuelson to learn more about your personality type (and that of others) as well gain insight as to how people perceive the world and make decisions.  Space is limited, RSVP to

Monday March 3, 4-5:30pm in CC 215
Positive Psychology: Looking to change how you think and how you live your life for the better based on strategies grounded in the latest research? This session will include an overview of a positive psychology framework, review specific concepts and ideas from positive psychology, and engage the participants in discussion on applications to student leadership including individual relationships, community development, and social change strategies. Presented by Keith Edwards.

Tuesday March 11, 11:45-1:00 in the Hall of Fame Room

Budgeting Workshop: Join Robin Hart Ruthenbeck and Ellen Washington as they explain making budget requests for the upcoming year. This workshop is highly recommended for any org. leader! 

Thursday March 27, 11:45-1:00pm in CC 215
Org. Leader Transitions: Transitioning to a new leadership team doesn't have to be difficult. Join Suresh Mudragada and Sam Yang as they go through strategies and tips of how to make a smooth transition between leadership teams. 

Tuesday April 22, 11:45-1:00pm in the Hall of Fame Room
De-Stress for Success: Feeling stressed? Come to De-Stress for Success and learn helpful strategies to manage stress and maintain a healthy balance of life. Topics of conversation will include sleep patterns, study strategies, self-awareness, and skill/strategies for managing stress. Presented by Dr. Steph Walters.

Contact Jessica Proskin, for additional information.