Pre-Orientation Outdoor Program
August 21 thru August 27, 2014

Class of 2018!!
Thanks for your interest in the Macward Bound program. There is a lot of information about the program in the links below. Please read all of the information thoroughly!


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Timeline 2014
FAQs 2014
Mission, Values and Goals
Macward Bound Leaders 2013

HIKING - Packing List
KAYAK/CANOE - Packing List

Former participants have stated:

“Macward Bound is one of the best ways to really get to know some of your classmates. The woods will strip your pretenses and really allow you to connect with a large group of people in ways you didn't know possible.” - Palmer Fliss, ‘11

“Macward Bound was the perfect introduction to Macalester. Making friends with a bunch of crazy-nerdy-cool kids for half a week in the middle of the woods prepared me to make friends with a bunch of crazy-nerdy-cool kids for four years in the middle of the city.”- Matt Kazinka, ‘11

“Macward Bound was the beginning of my Macalester adventure. And what an adventure it was! Some of my best friends here at Mac I made during those first days out on the trail, sweating up hills, cooking well-deserved meals, and playing games.” -Hannah Rivenburgh, ‘10

The Macward Bound pre-orientation program offers trips to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and the Superior Hiking Trail in northern Minnesota. Both destinations are about a 5 hour drive north from the twin cities.

Boundary Waters Canoe Area
Superior Hiking Trail

For more information contact:
Allison Greenlee
Assistant Director of Campus Programs

Catherine Bretheim, '15 
Macward Bound Program Assistant

Macward Bound Mission
To provide shared experiences in which new students will develop social support systems, self-awareness and confidence in an outdoor environment.