Macward Bound Pre-Orientation Outdoor Adventure Program
August 22 thru August 28, 2013
Macward Bound Leaders 2013

hao guo, '16, Beijing, china
linguistics, studio art

Why I am a MB leader:
Because I want to help the incoming first-years ease into college life as much as Macward Bound helped me. I still remember the moment when three of the Macward Bound leaders were at the airport picking me up. They were holding a huge drawn poster with the doodles of them and me holding hands. That was when I realized that there was no better way to start the college life than spending a whole week with Macward Bound in the wild.
Advice to a first year student:
Meet people broadly and make friends wisely. Don't hesitate to try new things at all! There are tons of student orgs, courses, events and places to go both on and off campus! You'll see a huge variety of possibilities as long as you stay open-minded and step out.     
Favorite thing about Mac:
There are so many wonderful professors in every single department. The time I spent talking to them in person was the most valuable and enlightening during my time here.
Involvements at Mac/twin cities:
I love singing with Scotch Tape (a co-ed acapella group) and Highland Camerata. I also work as a teaching assistant at a local high school.