Macward Bound Leaders 2014

Molly sowash, '16, worthington, oh
undecided. potentially english - other areas of academic interest - environmental studies, religious studies, and anthropology

Why I am a MB leader:
What could be better than spending time in beautiful northern Minnesota, getting to know a new group of students, and sharing my love of Macalester? Nothing! I think nature is one of the best places for personal reflection and team building, especially as a way to ease the transition into college.
Advice to a first-year student:
Put yourself out there! In the first few weeks of school, meet tons of new people, attend every club meeting you're interested in, and whenever there's a chance to go out and try something new --take it! Later in the semester, you will find clubs and friends most important to you, but only if you introduced yourself to them in the beginning.
Favorite thing about Mac:
The people! Coming to Macalester, I was most nervous about making new friends and finding my crowd. I underestimated the number of people who were so similar to me. I love that Macalester students are similar in their values and commitments to discuss difficult issues, make change, and learn -- yet different in their backgrounds, perspectives, and passions. Everyone is a potential friend.
Involvements with Mac/twin cities:
Lives of Commitment through which I teach English to Somali immigrant adults at the English Learning Center in Minneapolis. I'm also a member of Scotch Tape, our co-ed a cappella group on campus.