Macward Bound Leaders 2014

andrew gage, '15
Piedmont, California
Environmental Studies Major and Biology Minor

Why I am a MB leader:
I played on the golf team in my first two years at Macalester, and my first preseason was crucial for a smooth transition into college. I had to the opportunity to ask older players questions about anything and everything related to life at Macalester. I want the opportunity to provide that transitional support to incoming freshman that was so valuable to me. I also love the outdoors! Spending a few days in the woods is the perfect venue to get to know your peers and begin the next adventure!
Advice to a first-year student:
Explore student orgs! At an academically demanding school like Mac, it´s easy to focus solely on academics. Some of the most important experiences for me so far at Macalester have been in student orgs. Attend a handful of initial meetings and find an organization you would like to get involved in!
Favorite thing about Mac:
Everyone has something interesting to say! It´s nearly impossible to have a dull conversation with another Mac student. People come from all over the world and have amazing stories and perspectives to share.
Involvements with Mac/twin cities:
I love climbing! Usually I climb rocks, trees, or at the local climbing gym, but I have also been known to climb on the Mac library. I´m in the Mac Climbing Club, Mac Conservation and Renewable Energy Society, and the Mac Outing Club. I´m also really interested in botany and birding, so let me know if you want the camping trip to turn into a nerdy natural history outing!