Macward Bound Pre-Orientation Outdoor Adventure Program
August 22 thru August 28, 2013
Macward Bound Leaders 2013

nicky whittredge, '15, northampton, ma
Music Major (plays violin and viola), geology minor, also interested in literature and creative writing

Why I am a MB leader:
Because the wilderness is a wonderful way to begin a year. I want to be there for First Year Students in their period of transition. Free GORP.
Advice to a first-year student:
Accept yourself. Don't try to be anybody else.
Favorite thing about Mac:
Professors will invite you over to dinner. Biking in the summer. Friends who are honest with you. Beyonce Kagin. KP Hong.
Involvements with Mac/twin cities:
Sitting@Mac, Yoga club, orchestra, quidditch, MacBike, teaching ESOL