Macward Bound Pre-Orientation Outdoor Adventure Program
August 22 thru August 28, 2013
Macward Bound Leaders 2013

lucas myers, '16, Portland, or
economics major, music minor

Why I am a MB Leader:
I am excited to go out into the woods with a group of soon-to-be Mac students to help them prepare for college and hopefully make a tight group of friends. I believe it is important to take time away from human society and go out into nature. The solitude stimulates a sort of mild introspection that really helps to kind of set things right in your life for a while, and that peacefullness makes a great atmosphere in which to make some lasting friendships.
Advice to a first year student:
Never stop making friends, and try a few interesting courses in departments you never thought you would.
Favorite thing about Mac:
Poetry slams, Thursday noon recitals, WMCN, goofy professors, neurotic professors, being friends with professors, Cafe Mac late night breakfasts, and everything else that gives Macalester its quirky character.
Involvements at Mac/twin cities:
Concert Choir, the Macalester Traditions, various other music stuff.