Sophomore Leadership and Development Program

The Sophomore Leadership and Development Program (SLDP) exists to provide sophomore students an opportunity to explore and develop their personal leadership strengths and styles. Facilitated meetings, guest speakers, group discussion and personal reflection will give students space to discover a deeper understanding of their personal values, beliefs, motivations and identities.

In addition, we will spend time discussing what it means to be a sophomore. Majors, internships, relationships, involvement, and all of the other highs and lows of being 'in the middle' - this program will provide a supportive space amongst a network of peers.

And, we like to laugh and have fun, too!

These are some things past participants have identified as meaningful components of the program:
"Forming a community with everyone in the program"
"Talking about things that I cannot acquire in the classroom"
"Developing self-awareness and inner strengths so we can be more effective leaders"
"Being given resources to pioneer something, including the 'resources' of people who trust me and my classmates"
"Exploring personal strengths"
"Conversations with staff members on campus"

Project development:
Students in this program will conceptualize and implement several on campus programs throughout the year.
Members will also actively support 'Mac In the Middle' initiativies, a program developed by the 2012-2013 cohort. This initiative is a peer managed effort to support rising and current sophomores as they navigate the twists, turns and potential slumps of sophomore year.
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Commitment and Expectations:
-Students will commit to participate in 90 minute weekly meetings and actively participate in scheduled retreat(s). Regular attendence is expected.
-Students and facilitators are responsible for creating and maintaining a safe environment. It is expected that each person will respect opinions and experiences as well as maintain confidentiality.
-Students will lead project development focused on supporting peers and their overall sophomore year experience.

2013-2014 meetings will be on Tuesday evenings from 4:45-6:15pm.

For additional information and questions please contact:

Allison Greenlee, Assistant Director, Campus Programs,
Amalia Centurion, '14, Leadership Program Assistant, Campus Programs