Macward Bound Pre-Orientation Outdoor Adventure Program
August 22 thru August 28, 2013
Macward Bound Leaders 2013

Rick Beckel, '15, wausau, wi
biology major, political science and environmental studies minors

Why I am a MB Leader:
I am very excited to be a Macward Bound leader this summer! The perfect way to recharge for a busy school year is to spend time in the wilderness, away from noise and haste of the school year (although that's fun too!). Being in the woods is the perfect place for self-reflection, but it is also a great way to get to know people: a campfire is the greatest conversation catalyst I know, and I'm looking forward to getting to know first years and talking about what makes Mac great!
Advice to a first year:
The first few weeks of college can be pretty crazy, but do your best to embrace it! This is a great opportunity to throw yourself into lots of new experiences, and the more you explore, the more likely you are to find something (or someone) you love here.
Favorite thing about Mac:
Mac students are authentic and amiable, passionate and compassionate, idealistic and pragmatic. It is inspiring to spend time with so many people that are united by a long term vision for a positive future. I'm also really excited that we're getting Izzy's ice cream in the new student lounge.
Involvements at Mac/twin cities:
I am active in many political and environmental issues on campus; I am co-chair of Mac Dems and a student leader of the Fossil Free Mac Fossil Fuel divestment campaign.

Rick with Mac the Scot