Mission, Values & Goals


Macward Bound Mission, Values and Goals


Macward Bound Mission:
To provide shared experiences in which new students will develop social support systems, self-awareness and confidence in an outdoor environment.

Respect for all people regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, ability, or family background
Compassion and empathy
Healthy and authentic communication
Respect for the environment
Responsibility to a community

Provide a safe and fun adventure for new students to develop relationships with classmates
Provide students opportunities for mentorship
Ease the transition to Macalester and college life
Develop basic wilderness skills
Provide opportunities for self-reflection and personal growth

".. and to any others who have felt the thrill of the back country and still long to explore what might lie just around the next bend. I know of no better way of doing just that, than having a fine canoe under one's seat, a sleek paddle in one's hand, a little bug dope in your pocket, and a harmonica near the top of your pack."

Book dedication from Kenai Canoe Trails by Daniel Quick