Sophomore Leadership Program

The purpose of this course is to encourage you to develop your own core leadership philosophy. Facilitated sessions and guest speakers allow you to develop better communication, collaboration and leadership skills.

Through self-assessments you will come to understand your strengths and recognize the value and strengths of others. The course includes the study of multiple leadership theories and context.

You will learn how viewing leadership as a process not just a position empowers you to be an active member of any team, community or organization.

Macalester’s Sophomore Leadership Program will begin in September and meet each week for 70-minute sessions throughout the fall semester. You are encouraged to consider applying for this exciting and challenging program.

Through active engagement in the course and course materials, students will:

  • Begin to develop a personal philosophy of leadership.
  • Increase self-awareness through assessments, discussion of values, beliefs, culture, and identity.
  • Understand the multiple dimensions of individual and social group identities and how they affect interactions with others.

Participants accepted to the program are expected to commit to:

  • Students will come to class prepared for active participation in discussions, projects, guest speakers, individual, and group exercises.
  • Students and facilitators are responsible for creating and maintaining a safe classroom environment. It is expected that each person will respect each other’s opinions and experiences as well as maintain confidentiality.