Advisor Resources

Advisor resources for staff and faculty

Student Organizations play an important role in enhancing our vibrant Macalester community. They provide essential energy to produce programs that educate and celebrate our diverse student body.

As an advisor to a student organization, you have taken a role that will further shape our campus community while providing opportunities for students to have meaningful engagement outside of the classroom. You will experience and assist students as they:

-learn more about themselves and others
-strengthen communication and leadership skills
-experience challenges and success
-contribute to the Macalester community
-build relationships, and
-have fun!

Consider becoming a Macalester College Student Org Advisor!
Advisor Handbook
Advisor Dos and Don'ts - Advice from Macalester student leaders
Advising 101 - PowerPoint
Advising 102 - PowerPoint
Budget presentation for Advisors
Student Organization Handbook
Directory of Student Organizations

If you are interested in becoming an org advisor or have questions, please contact Allison Greenlee,