Fundraising FAQs

  • Student Org Fundraising FAQs
  • Chartered student organizations may wish to raise money for their group or for a particular project. Organizations seeking information on appropriate projects may contact a staff member in Campus Programs to identify appropriate projects (based on viability and consistency with the mission of the College). On-campus fundraising includes the sale of goods or services to members of the Macalester College community. Off-campus fundraising includes the solicitation of individuals or businesses outside the campus community for resources.

    All student organization fundraising projects must be approved by the Associate Director for Campus Programs or his/her designee.

    The approval process includes:
    1) completion of a Student Organization Fundraising Proposal Form
    2) a meeting with a Campus Programs staff person to review plans associated with the fundraising project, as there may be specific campus policies and state and local laws that must be considered.

    Do I need permission to raise funds?
    Yes!! In any selling of advertising or soliciting gifts/prizes (both cash and in-kind), students and student organizations must receive prior approval from the Associate Director of Campus Programs.

    How far in advance do I need to get permission to fundraise?
    As soon as possible. Meet with the Associate Director of Campus Programs to discuss your fundraising ideas. This meeting will help to prepare you with a timeline for reservations, publicity and execution. You will need to do this AT LEAST 14 calendar days in advance of your proposed fundraising event.

    Are there limitations for what you can spend the funds on?
    Yes! All fundraising activities should be for the benefit of the chartered student organization and be correlated with its chartered purpose and campus life.

    Where on campus can I promote my fundraiser?
    Fundraisers and solicitations may only occur in the lower level of the Ruth Stricker Dayton Campus Center or on the Bateman Plaza outside of the Campus Center. A table in the lower level or the Plaza of the Campus Center must be reserved for the sale. Only one sale may occur during any given day. Student organizations may reserve all tables available for a sale for no more than two consecutive days. If the event or solicitation requires a different space, exceptions may be granted by the Director of the Campus Center.

    Is there any type of fundraiser that is not allowed?
    Funds raised may not be used for personal gain. Failure to report income and date of deposit may result in a suspension of fundraising privileges for the sponsoring organization and further disciplinary action.
    No alcoholic beverages may be served, possessed, or consumed at any fundraising activity.

    Can we use the funds for future years?
    All money raised shall be expended within the academic and fiscal year it is received.

    Can I fundraise for a non-profit agency?
    Chartered student organizations may work with non-profit organizations regarding fundraising. However, Macalester facilities and resources are not to be used in a manner that provides free services to off-campus organizations for the purposes of generating resources. Student organizations should be the primary beneficiary of fund raising initiatives when utilizing Macalester College resources, though exceptions can be made for philanthropic events that align with the mission/purpose of the sponsoring organization.
    In addition:
    The organization must be able to accept fees in U.S. Dollars, via check, credit card, or wire transfer.
    The organization is able to provide proof of their status as a Non-Profit Organization AND the college has received a copy of their W-9 form

    Can I fundraise from alumni?
    No. Information found in the Macalester College Alumni Directory (MacDirect) is solely for official College and Alumni Association use and for personal communication between members listed therein. Any other use of this information is prohibited.

    Do I have to report the amount of money raised?
    Yes. As student organizations are responsible all aspects of their fundraising event(s), the name of the student organization should be clearly posted in the area of the sale. Students are responsible for monitoring the sales. Upon completion of the sale or fundraiser, a final sales record must be reported to Campus Life Office. All money must be deposited in the student organization’s college account and used for items distinctly related to the organization’s purpose.

    What is appropriate to charge other students for?
    Generally most programming and events provided for students on campus must be free of charge. There may be opportunities to host a program with a ‘suggested donation’, but it must be pre-approved by the Associate Director of Campus Programs.

    Can I fundraise with outside vendors/organizations?
    Yes. However, a contract must be negotiated when collaborating with an off-campus vendor to conduct fundraising initiatives. The Campus Programs staff can assist student organizations with this process. Additionally, the outside vendor must have a valid Minnesota sales tax license and be responsible for submitting sales taxes to the State of Minnesota. The name of the organization and contact information must be displayed on all advertising connected to the fundraising activity. Vendors working with student organizations must provide a minimum of $50.00 per collaboration or designated contractual percentage of sales if result is greater than the required minimum.

    A student organization can sponsor up to two vendors in any given semester. Off-campus vendors may appear on our campus no more than once per academic term. The term of any sale with an off campus vendor is two days maximum. If merchandise is advertised as “authentic,” a Certificate of Authenticity is required as proof.

    Can I reach out to local businesses for donations?
    In an effort to both assist and regulate student organizations seeking to solicit gifts from alumni, parents, local businesses, corporations or foundations, the following requirements have been established:
    1) When your group decides to raise funds or other donations from off-campus individuals you must contact the Associate Director for Campus Programs prior to beginning the initiative. The student organization Fundraising Approval Form must be completed a minimum of 14 calendar days prior to conducting the solicitation along with information regarding the purpose, goals, and targeted groups. The approval must be granted prior to the start of any solicitation. Student Orgs that wish to receive monetary donations or products from corporate sponsors will need additional approval from the Development Office.
    2) In the event that solicitations are made off campus, potential donors must be informed of the following:
    a) Gifts to this cause are not recognized as charitable contributions to Macalester College
    b) Names and contact information of those being solicited were not provided to the student organization by Macalester College.