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Thinking Green?
Visit the Minnesota Green Careers for access to everything you ever wanted to know about green jobs, including real people/real job interviews. Watch Melanee Meegan, marketing manager at Peace Coffee, a fair-trade, organic, shade-grown coffee company based in Minneapolis.

Job Salary Calculator: How much should a job pay?
The Salary Calculator program takes information relating to your education, employment history, and other factors to create the most accurate compensation and employment guidance available. The Salary Calculator is available on any job description within MC2.


Jobs, Internships and Fellowships

Selecting a position takes you to MC2 where advanced search options are available. Need help? Review our MC2 Student User Guide [pdf].

Posting Alert

Although we do our best to verify the opportunities listed in MC2/Macalester Career Connection, we cannot guarantee the authenticity or legitimacy of the posted positions. Beware of any position that asks you to provide bank account or credit card information, pay money to apply, or involves receiving and sending checks or money. These are possibly scams and should be reported to the Career Development Center.


Macalester’s Career Development Center (CDC) is committed to helping students develop, understand and connect their liberal arts educational experience with their future goals.

Our career counselors guide undergraduates through choosing a major, career planning, job search and graduate schools options. We offer resume & personal statement reviews, mock interviews, workshops, access to employment opportunities,  and career assessment testing and interpretation to students and recent alumni.

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