Resources for Students

At Macalester, we are committed to helping students develop the skills to understand, create and connect their liberal arts educational experience with their future goals. Our core services include:

Career Counseling
Our Career Counselors will meet for to explore major selection, identify potential career paths, define strategies while at Macalester, and plan for life after Mac.

Drop-in Appointments
Counselors are also available for brief appointments to discuss career exploration and review internship/job search materials (Mon. to Fri., 2-4 p.m.).

Connect with Alumni
We connect students with alumni mentors in their potential career field, location, or academic area of interest.

Graduate School Prep
We help students explore, plan, and prepare applications to graduate school as well as advise them on writing personal statements and essays.

Job/Internship Search 
We assist with searches for internships, seasonal, part-time, or full-time employment. Students have exclusive access to the Macalester Job & Internship Database. In addition, students can practice their interview skills and learn appropriate professional etiquette.

Career Assessments 
Career assessments may be used to help students clarify their interests and assist in declaring a major. Results are presented and explained by a Career Counselor.