Job and Internship Fair 2014

Wednesday and Thursday – February 19 & 20
Minneapolis Convention Center

shuttle available  |   Registration Deadline: February 7

You must register to attend. Registration deadline is Friday, February 7. The $10 fee is non-refundable. Parking fee is approximately $10. Concession areas will be available.

How to Register to Attend

  1. Submit a copy of your resume in person or online with "Approved Resume for Job Fair" in the subject line and pay the $10 registration fee (online) before Feb. 7.
  2. Upload your resume on the Fair website to get in front of more than 200 employers who may want to interview you at the fair.

Prepare Before the Fair

Perfect your resume. Talk with a career counselor for feedback or help.

Review your digital identity. When employers find you online, what impression will you give them? Best bet: update your LinkedIn profile.

Upload your resume on the Fair website to get in front of more than 200 employers who may want to interview you at the fair.

Review the list of organizations attending to find out if they will be collecting resumes or interviewing on-site. You can also see if the company has any openings or is currently recruiting for positions.

See an organization you’d like to work for? Send a cover letter and resume and let them know you’ll be attending Minnesota’s Private College Job & Internship Fair. Ask to be interviewed during the Fair. Employers will contact you directly to schedule.

Visit employers’ websites to learn more about them. Prepare questions.

Create an appropriate email address. Make sure your voicemail message sounds professional.

Tips to Prepare for Successful Networking at a Job Fair

Review our guidelines on informational interviewing.

Research organizations that interest you.

  1. Know their products and/or services
  2. Review history and current events
  3. Note growth and expansion through year-end reports
  4. Identify skills necessary to perform in the position for which you are most interested

What to Wear

Dress should be professional. You are showing the employer that you know how to present yourself physically. Some employers will be dressed casually for the fair -- but that doesn’t mean you should be.

Women should wear a suit (matching skirt and jacket or trousers and jacket) and have shoes with a professional heel and closed toe.

Men should wear a well-pressed suit (not a sport coat) in dark colors -- black, gray, or navy -- dress shirt, dark shoes and socks, and a subdued tie.

Long hair? Tie it back and out of your face. Tattoos? Cover them up.

You want to be remembered for your skills and professionalism -- not for your appearance.