Reflection and Vocation Programs

How will you live out your deepest values in this complex world?

What gives you joy? What are you passionate about? What are you good at and where is there a need for these things to be done? Where do you turn to find support and meaning? How do you translate self-discovery into concrete life decisions? What is moving at the core of your exploration of vocation?

The Civic Engagement Center's programs around vocation and reflection examine these broad questions of values and ethics. Participants in our programs combine reflection and action to bring to life those pivotal questions about the meaning and purpose of our life's work. Students strive towards aligning their life's work with their deepest spiritual and ethical convictions. 

Preparation for global citizenship requires corollary contemplation on both personal commitments and community need. Through personal and communal reflection, and civic engagement students ask not only, “what is my work in the world?”, but also, “to what purpose shall we pledge our common, cooperative effort?” Students gain the vision and skills to assume ethical leadership while at Macalester and within society.