Embody the Change (ETC Circles)

Being an effective change agent begins with you.

There is one important, though often neglected, consideration in moving closer to our biggest aspirations: investment in self is required.  We are not just human do-ers, we are human be-ings.  Becoming who we want to be is just as important as what we can accomplish.  It is the backstage work that fosters thriving action.  Whether you are currently working towards an end goal of wellbeing, purposeful vocation, or social justice, figuring out who you are bringing to this work is an essential component.  

Embody the Change circles provide a safe, courageous community for students to have authentic space to talk about things that matter.  Each small group offers a completely open and confidential peer community to help students work on aligning particular aspects of their life more closely with what they value, thus grounding them for the important work at hand. Students bring to their group an aspect of their life in need of change or focus.  Whether it is to eat better, enlarge personal capacity for compassion, or live more sustainably, each group crates a space for its members to dig deeper and receive support in the process. 

ETC Circles are open to all students. Students attend a day long retreat and then participate in a circle that meets for an hour once a week for ten weeks. There are several different time slots to choose from - making joining a circle easy to schedule. Fall participants will have the opportunity to provide leadership for the new spring circles.

Students who have participated in similar circles have reported what a privilege it is to listen deeply to others and to have space to focus on an aspect within their life with both support and accountability of a community.  ETC Circles allow students to step out of the silos that are created by activities, class year and majors, in order to genuinely engage with peers who are outside their everyday realm.

You are a student etc

‘Etc’ represents all that you are beyond being a student. ETC Circles will allow the space to explore those pieces of yourself that go beyond a singular purpose or identity as a student. ‘Cetera’ in Latin means ‘the rest,’ and these communities provide a space to hit pause, to rest and to express the rest.

Etc Circle

“We all do better when we all do better.”  - Paul Wellstone

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