This program is not being offered summer 2015.

The Lilly House provides an opportunity for a group of students to explore how they will live as global citizens serving their ethical and/or religious commitments in a complex world. The house provides students space to try out new practices in relation to work, relationship, and the local community. Students live together engaging in work in line with their vocation, yet equally commit to learning, supporting and being influenced by other student’s work for the broader common good.

Students each bring an ethical or vocational question in which to explore during the summer, and are given space to reflect upon theirs and others’ questions both individually and in community.

Common Living
The Lilly House assumes that learning and reflection occurs through informal engagement and mutual interest in both the questions students bring to the summer and the projects they take up.

Residents live in a language house and commit to coming together throughout the summer for reflection, meals and community building.  A weekly common meal is prepared and shared.  A different campus or community leader is invited as a guest each week to share their vocational narrative and lead discussion in hopes of shedding light on residents’ questions. Two retreats are held for residents to further explore their questions.

Values in Everyday Life
Lilly House residents examine and enhance how they express their commitments in their daily living, peer communities and the greater society. Staff and community leaders provide guidance for students to explore their own ideas and practice of the following concepts:

  • Integration – living a life where one’s deepest commitments steer one’s everyday practice.
  •  Vocational Exploration – continuous examination of how our deepest commitments contribute to composing our life’s work
  • Intentional Community – exploring the dynamics of community living that holds a common vision and shares both responsibility and resources to better each member.

Students will submit an application explaining why they want to be a part of the Lilly House and what ethical and vocational questions and practices they are interested in taking up over the summer. Rising juniors and seniors at Macalester College are eligible. Applicants interested in doing an internship for credit may qualify for the tuition waiver.

Applicants qualify for free summer housing for the duration of the program based on the level of financial support provided by their sponsoring program or organization.

Students interested in doing an internship should email Mike Porter in the Internship Office at  .

Attendance at the weekly community dinner and both retreats (Friday evening-Saturday afternoon) is required of residents.

Students must be engaged in research or an internship that they have acquired through the college or an outside organization for at least 35 hours a week. If students are doing an unpaid internship and need to work, their internship must be at least 25 hours.    

For more information on the Summer Lilly House, contact Eily Marlow at  or at 651-696-6738.