Lives of Commitment 2015-16 Student Leaders

The student leaders were asked to answer the following questions:
1) What is your favorite thing about LoC?
2) What is your favorite thing to do in the Twin Cities?
3) If you could make any ice cream flavor that doesn't exist, what would it be?

EllenTherese Deslippe '18

My favorite thing about LOC is the opportunity to leave campus every week and participate in something meaningful and profoundly different than my usual day-to-day college life. It is a weekly reminder to keep the big picture in perspective, and to not get too caught up in homework and Cafe Mac meals. I leave my volunteer site feeling refreshed and refocused on my priorities, values, and commitments in life (and feeling a little tired—I tutored a very energetic and awesome student!) 

 My favorite thing to do in the Twin Cities is spend an afternoon walking around somewhere nice off-campus with my friends (I like Lake Calhoun and the sculpture garden outside the Walker) and then go out to eat. There are some great, inexpensive restaurants on Lake Street.

If I could make any ice cream flavor, I would make milk ice cream. I have spent a lot of time thinking about this and I feel like milk is such a pure and perfect taste and its flavor would translate so well into ice cream form, but it is so difficult. It sounds so simple but it’s actually very deceptive. Vanilla ice cream is not the same. After milk, my secondary choice is butter ice cream.

Morgan MaletestaMorgan Maletesta '18

1. My favorite thing about LoC is getting to learn about and volunteer in the Twin Cities. I love being able to engage with people other than Macalester students and experience new cultures and languages. Even though Macalester is in such a great location, some students do not interact with the cities as much as they would like. LoC provides a platform to interact and learn about the the Twin Cities (and eat really good food along the way!). Volunteering off campus also helps me to think more critically about my place in the grand scheme of things. 

 2. My favorite thing to do in the Twin Cities is get dessert at an Italian restaurant called Cosetta’s. They have all sorts of food - pizza, pasta, etc. - but the coolest part is their dessert room, filled with gorgeous little pastries and cakes. They also have really good gelato!

 3. I would create peanut butter and jelly flavored ice cream. That might exist somewhere, but I’ve never tried it. Ideally, it would be grape, raspberry or strawberry flavored ice cream with peanut butter bits and pieces of angel food cake (as a stand in for bread).

Meet the LOC Coordinator, Jordyn Whitman

Hi! I am from Swampscott, MA (just outside of Boston). I am a Religious Studies Major, Anthropology Minor and Critical Theory concentrator. I am also involved in Macalester Jewish Organization and the Queer Women’s Identity Collective.I am so excited to be returning to Lives of Commitment for my third year this year.

I have always had a passion for dialogue and cross-community work. At 16, I participated in a JordynWhitman150.jpgprogram that brought American, Israeli, and Palestinian young women together to learn leadership, dialogue, and conflict resolution skills. I stayed involved in this organization, Building Bridges, for over four years, I even had the opportunity to go to Israel with them and also to work as staff for some of their programs.

Through my volunteer work within Lives of Commitment I have continued to explore some of the same themes I learned about at Building Bridges. I have volunteered at the Jane Adams School for Democracy (a cross-cultural, multilingual conversation group), Project for Pride and Living (tutoring young children with reading at a local school), and most recently I have worked in the Common Bond Teen Room, where I tutored and assisted mostly Somali teens with their schoolwork. I have loved being able to integrate myself into all of these new communities within the Twin Cities.

I believe that Lives of Commitment as not only helped me to grow and foster my passions for dialogue but also has helped me find role models, peers, and many wonderful communities to continue this work.

I am so excited to meet this year’s group and learn from all of you as well!

Bram WangBram Wang '18

My favorite thing about LoC is the community that we build, both at the sites and the group friendships we see develop over the year.  Having a support system of warm, kind people really helped smooth out my first year and made me feel like the LoC community is something that truly goes beyond its formal boundaries.  Whether we're in the HourCar returning from our site, in the classroom, passing by at Bateman Plaza, it's a friendship and connection that the LoC community really forges through our collective values and commitments which is a really dynamic and welcoming grounding force.

Lake Calhoun is a great spot when the weather is nice. Otherwise, I would really suggest restaurant hopping - there are some really great and walkable eating spots around Macalester. Otherwise, busing is also really convenient - I recently went to a Thai restaurant called On's Thai kitchen on Snelling Ave and it had great food. 

Almond green tea. I'm not sure what it would taste like exactly, but they're both pretty interesting flavors on their own.  And think of the color!  Serve with fresh fruit on top for the extra fancy dining experience.

ArianaAriana Hones '18

I loved all of the new relationships that Lives of Commitment helped foster. I was able to create meaningful connections with community partners and with the kids that I tutored, which has been an incredible blessing. LoC exposes you to amazing people (and best friends<3) that will be life long sources of both inspiration and support for your commitments.

I love to walk down Summit Avenue to the Mississippi River! It's a super beautiful walk literally always and a good excuse for me to call my mom.

So, I live on a hobby farm and we have honey bees and they make THE BEST HONEY. I would create honey ice cream, but it would be Hones specific honey and it would be delicious!

Morgan A

Morgan Abbey '18

LOC offers a way to get to know the Twin Cities in a much different way than Macalester does. Without LOC, I wouldn't have known about many of the really cool and diverse neighborhoods and communities around the cities--and that's something I really value. 

 I love to explore! I'm from a really small town so I love the opportunity to explore the cities. I take the train somewhere and get coffee at a random coffee shop and just walk around. It doesn't hurt that the cities are really beautiful, so it's always fun to wonder around. 

There's a ice cream place in my hometown that has lavender ice cream, and it's the best dessert I've ever had. I wouldn't invent a new flavor, I would make that one more widespread!

EmilyEmily Nadel '18

My favorite thing about LOC is the space for reflection both about service as well as the many transitions that occur freshman year of college. Being able to tutor and be part of the community, and then discuss why service matters, why I serve, and who is benefiting from my service made my two hours of tutoring the backbone of my first-year experience. 

I love hopping on a bus and exploring a new part of town - I try to get off campus every week! My close and I celebrate every birthday at Cossetta's which has delicious Italian food and desserts which I would highly recommend. One of my other favorite things to do is spend the whole day at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. 

Cap'n Crunch Ice cream! Whenever there's Cap'n Crunch at Cafe Mac I mix it and vanilla ice cream and it's delicious.


Celeste Wellin '18

The opportunity to return to the same service site every week and form meaningful relationships at that site is unlike anything I have ever done in the past. Creating a community outside of the Mac community has been amazing. In addition, all the wonderful people within LoC that I have been able to form close relationships with (both the sophomores and first years). 

Going to Lake Calhoun and walking around, or heading over to the Walker. I have only been to the Walker a few times but they show plays there sometimes and I saw an incredible one about the life of Edgar Allan Poe that I still can't stop thinking about.

This probably already exists but I have never seen or had it, I love mangos so much and I would love to try mango ice cream (or maybe it would be a mango sorbet??) Either way I would want mango!


Saakshi Daswani  '18

The strong sense of satisfaction that you are able to receive after every single time you volunteer! 

Going to a super exciting amusement park - Valley Fair (or Valley Scare during Halloween)! 

Ben & Jerry's chocolate fudge brownie should just become an exclusive ice cream flavor by itself.

MaxineMaxine Freedman '18

My favorite thing about LoC was getting the opportunity to leave campus each week and spend time in an environment and with people entirely different from where I grew up. I loved learning from and forming relationships with the students I was tutoring, whom I might never have had the opportunity to meet without LoC.

My favorite thing to do in the Twin Cities is take walks down Summit and look at all of the beautiful houses, especially in the fall. It's also really nice to walk down to the Mississippi River in the fall when there's all that beautiful foliage and take a minute to sit quietly and think away from the bustle of campus.

The ice cream flavor I would make is a chocolate-strawberry swirl because that is a fab combination.