Ethics and the Professions


This annual series explores the role that a variety of professions play in strengthening our common societal good. Does one's work simply provide for one's personal needs or can it play a role in enriching our democracy? This series features the stories of local individuals and how they live out their personal values and the shared ethical standards of their profession. Guests with a religious tradition speak to how faith informs their work. Students ask questions and speak frankly with professionals who are navigating ethical questions within the context of work while attempting to put their ideals into action. A dinner is served so students have the luxury of time with each other to reflect upon the ethical questions that emerge. 

The opportunity to come together in an undergraduate setting and learn about various professions gives all participants the opportunity to know more fully the challenges within different professions and the ways in which religious and ethical commitments shape professional careers. Students explore how all sectors of society can use their sphere of influence to work for a common good and learn about the historic public tenets of each sector and specific professions.

This series is currently a collaborative effort between the Lilly Project and the Institute for Global Citizenship Student Council’s local leaders committee and is regularly hosted jointly by an academic department.

Past events include:

  • “The Courage to Teach”
  • “The Courage to Heal: An Evening with Twin Cities Medical Professionals”
  • "The Courage to Advocate and Decide: An Evening with Twin Cities Law Professionals”
  • “Ethics and the Performing Arts”
  • “Ethics and Microfinance”
  • “An Evening with Innovators: Exploring the ethical dimensions of starting a non-profit or NGO”
  • “Conventional Professions, Unconventional Work”
  • “Ethics in a Time of Scarcity”
  • "Personal Conviction in the Face of Censorship"
  • "Food for Thought"
  • "Dilemmas in Global Health"
  • "Sustainability and the Bottom Line: Where Personal Values Meet Corporate Policy"
  • "The Courage to be a Peacemaker"
  • "The Journalist as a Committed Observer"