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Data Standards Committee

Data Standards Committee

Data Standards Mission

The purpose of the Data Standards Committee is to establish standards for the entry of shared information into Macalester College databases. The Data Standards Document details the established standards for the protection, access, and use of Macalester College data maintained electronically in college databases. The Data Standards Document also defines the responsibilities of users who input and access that data. These Standards are expected to be followed by all who use college systems.

Offices may have individual guidelines that supplement, but do not supplant or contradict these standards. It is understood that departments will comply with all laws, regulations and college policies governing collection and dissemination of data, as well as privacy at Macalester College. Such policies differ for various constituencies at Macalester College.

Data Standards Membership

The Data Standards Committee is comprised of members of the College Community who come together to set standards concerning electronically stored infomation on campus. These standards are determined through consensus of all constituents involved to find solutions that work for Mcalester coupled with best practices established by peer institutions.

Alterations/Additions to the Standards

The Data Standards Committee meets to discuss proposed changes to the system by one group of users that may affect one or more other group of users. Proposed changes that do not require a lot of discussion are handled via email and moodle, thus allowing decision to be made in a timely manner. Any change or update to a validation form that may affect other areas should be requested through the Data Standards Committee.

Data Standards Committee Members

Area of Representation:

  • Financial Aid
  • Employment Services
  • Registrar
  • Development
  • Admissions
  • Academic Programs and Advising
  • Business Services/Student Accounts
  • Purchasing and Accounts Payable
  • Student Affairs
  • Information Technology Services