EPAG Minutes

Thursday, September 8, 2005

3:00 to 4:30 p.m.

Humanities 309


Present:  Michael Schneider, Ellen Guyer, Joan Ostrove, Linda Schulte-Sasse, Peter Weisensel, Ruthanne Kurth-Schai (Chair), Karl Wirth, Diane Michelfelder, Beth Cleary, Jayne Niemi


  1. The chair committed to sending an agenda out on Tuesday afternoons.
  2. Next week’s agenda will include the sociology department review.   Please read and be ready to comment.
  3. September faculty meeting:  The traditional introductions of new faculty will take place.  The WGS name change is on the faculty agenda as a motion from EPAG under new business.  Documents about the motion will be attached to the agenda.    In case there is a call for a paper ballot, EPAG should be prepared with paper in hand.  The chair will give her brief report including encouragement of institutional civic engagement by attending faculty meetings.  
  4. The reports on the summer meetings will get put up on the web (see later item).
  5. Linguistics:  John Haiman, department chair, is anxious to begin the process of addressing linguistics on campus.  The last half hour of the EPAG meeting on the 15th will be devoted to the committee’s discussion of linguistics.  Then Haiman (and Dart, if she wishes) would join the EPAG meeting on the 22nd or 29th to discuss it further.    Also, an EPAG member will be requested to volunteer to be the “liaison” with Haiman.   The chair will provide the background documents from prior EPAG years to this committee.    The group asked/discussed whether/how this will fit into the regular allocation or some other expedited allocation process.    A brief review of the history of the status of the department (disciplinary/interdisciplinary status) was provided for the newer members of EPAG.   There exists a memo from last year which places the discussion of the curricular issues first, then discussion about the faculty position.   The committee discussed whether the stance taken about the order of the discussion still applies.   Schneider will try to find the email that he sent to Haiman last spring to share with the rest of EPAG.   
  6. The chair distributed a revised proposed agenda for the year.   Add the possibility of a Dean’s List to this list.   A discussion of daily class schedule should be on the calendar (including perhaps Karl Wirth’s studio scheduling option as well as the move to a different faculty meeting time).  This discussion must happen in the fall so that it can be voted on no later than the December faculty meeting, thus allowing the 06-07 class schedule to be developed with the new schedule template.
  7. Curricular Renewal:  EPAG wants to be sure that there is enthusiastic participation with consideration for people’s time and workload.  The chair distributed a Curricular Renewal Fall Process Draft for the committee’s consideration.  She talked about a simple, focused survey to move towards the next step:  wanting a sense of the faculty’s support and concerns.  There is a possibility of a Chairs meeting in October even in the Provost’s absence, if it can be scheduled on a date that’s reasonable.    Further discussion of agenda:  allocations process revision.  The chair might want to consult with Jack Rossmann about the self-study group’s plan to present the College’s strengths/weaknesses at a faculty meeting.  Should Urban Experience/Civic Engagement discussions be postponed as well?  Should the UE/CE work be posted on the website, or separated?    One committee member thinks it should be posted as a report of what happened over the summer, but should be separated from the requirements process.  Others agreed.  There was discussion of resources and the “institute” as it relates to what we’re doing.  CST (Center for Scholarship and Teaching) is a willing partner in offering opportunities for input.  The chair described what she imagines that the Curricular Renewal facilitators will do as volunteers: going through survey feedback, etc.    The group shared individual reactions to the idea of survey and lunches.
  8. Volunteers were solicited for various commitments, with the following results:

Board of Trustees Committees: 10/6-7, 3/3-4, 5/12 meetings

              Academic Affairs:  Chair

              Admissions:  Weisensel

              Advancement:  Wirth

              Campus Life:  Cleary

EPAG Representatives

              IDIM:  Ostrove

              Study Away:  Schneider

              Academic Standing:  Schulte-Sasse (if calendar allows)

              Grants:  Chair

              Institute for GS & C Advisory Board:  Chair

              Academic Liaisons Committee:  Chair

EPAG Projects

              Minutes:  Niemi

              EPAG web presence:  Wirth

Linguistics representative:  Schulte-Sasse
Curricular Renewal facilitators:
              Summer Working Group (keeper of memories): Beth
              Faculty Survey:  Wirth
              Multicultural/International Req: Weisensel
              Writing Req:  Guyer
              Quantitative Thinking Req: Schneider
              Implementation Planning:  Ostrove


Adjourned at 4:40 p.m.


Respectfully submitted for your reading pleasure,

Jayne Niemi, Registrar