EPAG Minutes

Thursday, December 15, 2005

3:00 – 4:30 p.m.

Humanities 309


Beth Cleary, Caroline Ettinger, Ellen Guyer, Ruthanne Kurth-Schai (Chair), Diane Michelfelder, Joan Ostrove, Michael Schneider, Linda Schulte Sasse, Peter Weisensel, Karl Wirth


Minutes from the last meeting were approved.


New Business:


1.           Diane reported that the Macalester Assessment Steering Committee (MASC) wishes to establish a formal relationship with EPAG in order to share assessment information.  It was concluded that a representative from MASC should come to EPAG approximately once a term and/or there should be a representative from EPAG on MASC.   The comment was also made that we should coordinate the various assessment efforts from the curricular implementation groups with MASC.


2.           Jaine Strauss joined us at our invitation to provide further information on the Psychology request to add two research methods courses to their curriculum and drop an existing one.  Jaine explained that after five years using Math 153 and 154 as preparation for the Directed research experience, the department has concluded that this approach is not meeting student needs.  The courses they propose will include statistics but will not be exclusively statistics courses.  They will cover a variety of Psychology research methods.   The committee decided to circulate the psychology request to the faculty.


3.           Ruthanne reported that the Humanities and Media and Cultural Studies Department has decided to postpone its request for a one credit course entitled Video for Courses.  They will review our suggestions and get back to us at a future date if they decide to go forward with this request.


4.           There were no concerns raised with regard to other proposed course changes, additions or deletions, so this list will be circulated to the faculty for approval.


5.           Ruthanne reminded us that Linda Schulte-Sasse and Joan Ostrove will be going off EPAG this Spring.  She acknowledged the important contributions each has made to the committee and thanked them for their efforts.


6.           We reviewed the curricular audit that the CST has proposed.  It was agreed that the request to complete the audit should come from Provost Michelfelder and that we should include a section on the urban experience but should be clear that this is a separate inquiry for informational purposes only.

7.           Ruthanne reported on the feedback provided by department chairs on the allocations process.  They raised the following concerns:


Diane asked whether newly funded endowed positions would go through allocations, and we agreed that would be useful so that it would be clear how the position would be supported.


We reviewed the current allocation request guidelines and will streamline various components of the document.  Ruthanne will revise the document accordingly.