EPAG Minutes

Tuesday January 24, 2006


Humanities 309


Present:  Beth Cleary, Caroline Ettinger, Ellen Guyer, Andrea Johnson, Mahnaz Kousha,  Gary Krueger, Ruthanne Kurth-Schai (chair), Diane Michelfelder, Jayne Niemi,    Michael Schneider, Peter Weisensel,  Karl Wirth


  1. Introductions:  For the sake of the newcomers, we introduced ourselves and reminded ourselves of each person’s remaining time of service on EPAG. 
  2. Minutes:   The minutes of the December 15th meeting were approved.
  3. Scheduling:  The committee’s new meeting time for the semester will be Thursdays, 8 to 9:30, starting February 2nd.   An announcement will be forthcoming about the meeting room and agenda.
  4. Semester Agenda:  Ruthanne provided an outline of the matters she expects to address this semester.  She fleshed out the details on the outline she provided.  We added to the outline two items:  a review of the departmental review schedule   and a return to the discussion of religious holidays that was begun in fall semester. 
  5. Service & assignment list:  We need representatives to the IDIM and Academic Standing Subcommittees of EPAG.  We also need EPAG representatives on the four new subcommittees for graduation requirements.  We expect roughly 13 allocation requests.  Please think about this and be ready to volunteer for one of the subcommittees, and be ready to be a “presenter” of an allocations request.
  6. Environmental Studies:  Copies of a proposal from the ES department to add a minor were passed out for action at the February 2nd meeting. 
  7. Allocations: Copies of allocation request guidelines were passed out as background material for discussion of the allocations process at the February 2nd meeting. 
  8. Grants Committee:  Ruthanne requested a volunteer to attend the Grants Committee meeting on Friday afternoon, January 26, at 2 p.m.  No one was available, so she will make sure she is apprised of what went on at the meeting. 
  9. Psychology Course Proposal Status:   An objection has been filed regarding EPAG’s  approval of the Psychology courses circulated in January.   Ruthanne reported on her conversation with Danny Kaplan, the faculty member who objected.  First, she reviewed the history of the proposal for the new members.  She passed out a proposal from Danny which offered an alternative way to resolve his objection.  Mike Schneider stated that from the perspective of Math/CS, it would be desirable for the psychology department to develop a policy statement addressing the issue of students who take either the psychology or math statistics courses and then later switch majors from what they originally planned.  The Math Department estimates that there will be a sufficient number of students in this situation and that an equivalency policy should be articulated.   He then recused himself  when the Committee began deliberation on action to be taken  on Professor Kaplan’s proposal.  The Committee fully supports continuing conversation between Psychology and Math/CS aimed at establishing new opportunities for collaboration concerning curricular options in statistics.  The Provost is willing to facilitate that process. 
  10. Study away:  Diane requested input on whether the administration should move to a “cap” that is separate for fall and spring.  The Committee agreed that this system should be instituted for academic year 2006-07.  The Committee further agreed that the issue of fall/spring semester caps be included in a broader discussion of study away policy scheduled for this spring.
  11. Course proposals:  There will be a summary of course proposals sent by Jayne via email, for action at the next meeting.




Adjourned at 5:37 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Jayne Niemi, Registrar