EPAG Minutes

Thursday, February 9, 2006

8:00 a.m.

Humanities 309


Beth Cleary, Caroline Ettinger, Ellen Guyer, Mahnaz Kousha, Gary Krueger, Ruthanne Kurth-Schai (Chair), Diane Michelfelder, Jayne Niemi, Michael Schneider,  Peter Weisensel


  1. Minutes:  The minutes from February 2nd were approved after revisions and corrections. 
  2. Possible New Business:  Peter mentioned being approached by many colleagues about the issue of grade inflation.   Ruthanne will add this to the spring semester “to do” list.  Dan Balik will be asked for the most current data on Macalester grading trends.
  3. Semester Agenda and Assignments:   Ruthanne will redistribute the updated agenda and assignment list.  Lunch dates were confirmed for both study away and cross-listing discussions.  The lunch date for the interdisciplinary discussion is yet to be determined.  For the study away lunch, Mike will consult with Jayne to come up with information and some possible questions so that the CST can issue invitations.  For the cross-listing lunch, Peter with Jayne’s help, will do the same.  Lin Aanonsen will come to the meeting on February 23rd.   Brian Rosenberg will join us on March 2, along with Lin Aanonsen.   Andrew Latham will come to update us on the Global Institute on Feb 16th, during the last part of the meeting.   Please come prepared with questions for him, about such topics as lines of communication between EPAG and The Institute, and what curricular programs are currently in development. 
  4. Department Reviews:  Dan Balik is concerned about the schedule of department reviews.  He has created a schedule of reviews for the next 5 years.  It is evident that there is a problem with too many reviews scheduled in some years, and not enough in others.  Ideally, there would be more even number of reviews each year.  The current review schedule and an alternative proposal were distributed. Diane will look at the proposed redistribution and will make changes as needed.  She will bring another version back to the Committee.
  5. General Education Subcommittees:   The membership of the general education subcommittees will be an EPAG representative, 2 faculty, and 1 staff member.  The EPAG representatives were chosen at an earlier meeting.  The floor was opened to suggestions for the other members, who will be appointed by the Provost.  The staff representative is intended to help coordinate the administrative tasks but also have a familiarity with the area of the requirement.  Faculty should have expertise or interest in the area and be willing to commit to a 2-year term, with this spring semester as a preparation for the 2-year term.    The preparation term would involve determining how often they should meet and reviewing their responsibilities (course approvals, dealing with exceptions,  professional development ideas, assessment).   The Committee discussed timing issues: the requirements go into effect with the entering class of Fall 2007, so it’s likely they would meet once a month during fall semester.  The deadlines as stated in the original proposal may not be practical and it was suggested that one deadline of February 1, 2007 deadline for the 0708 class schedule be substituted.  Jayne noted that the typical deadline for the 0708 class schedule is the first Friday of the spring semester.   The College Catalog will not necessarily list specific courses that meet each requirement, just a statement of where to find the list of approved courses being offered in a particular semester.  Next week the Committee will look at course proposal forms. 
  6. Assessment:  Ruthanne distributed copies of the assessment report, pages 4-7.  For next week, please think about the relationship between the assessment coordinators, EPAG, and the general education subcommittees.   The Assessment Coordinators (Dan Balik and Danny Kaplan) will visit an April EPAG meeting.




Adjourned  9:35   a.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Jayne Niemi, Registrar