EPAG Minutes

Thursday, February 16, 2006  8:00 a.m.

Humanities 309


Caroline Ettinger, Ellen Guyer, Mahnaz Kousha, Andrea Johnson, Gary Krueger, Ruthanne Kurth-Schai (Chair), Michael Schneider, Peter Weisensel, Karl Wirth


Minutes:                         The minutes from February 9 were approved as is.


Spring Agenda:           Three new items were added to the Spring agenda:  grade inflation; discussion of the divisional requirements; and discussion of scheduling conflicts vis-à-vis major religious holidays.


EPAG Lunch Discussions:     Upcoming dates for EPAG sponsored lunch meetings were confirmed.  The Study Away lunch discussion will be February 23, the discussion of Cross-Listing will be March 23 and the discussion of Interdisciplinary Departments and Programs will be March 30.


General Education Requirement Subcommittees:   Ruthanne Kurth Schai provided a draft of an addendum to the Implementation recommendations regarding the General Education Requirement Subcommittees (GERS.)  This addendum clarifies the membership of the subcommittees, defines their responsibilities, and discusses the relationship of these subcommittees to EPAG and to the Assessment Committee.  We agreed that issues addressed in the addendum, including initial course approval forms, would serve as preliminary guidelines for the GERS, and that continued considerations among EPAG and the Subcommittees will be necessary as we move forward with these efforts. 


Karl Wirth provided drafts of two of the four course approval forms.  We made revisions to these forms, and Karl will incorporate these changes.  We discussed the process for continued approval for courses that receive initial approval and then do not change in any significant way and are taught by the same faculty member.  We agreed that we will work with the Registrar to devise a user-friendly system for reaffirming the designation for such courses.


Discussion with Andrew Latham:     Andrew Latham joined us for a discussion of the curricular initiatives being planned by the Institute for Global Citizenship.  Andrew described two courses under preliminary discussion as well as the possible certificate program in global leadership.  We offered suggestions for ways to develop these courses and the certificate program that would involve faculty from across the college.  Andrew suggested that someone from EPAG might join the planning group currently working on these initiatives to ensure EPAG involvement in these discussions.


Student Request:  A student request to use a topics course on Native American history to meet the domestic diversity requirement was considered and approved. 


Adjourned:        9:30 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ellen Guyer, Dean of Academic Programs