EPAG Minutes

April 27, 2006

8-9:30 a.m. Humanities 309


Beth Cleary,  Caroline Ettinger, Ellen Guyer, Andrea Johnson,  Mahnaz Kousha, Gary Krueger, Ruthanne Kurth-Schai (Chair), Diane Michelfelder,  Michael Schneider, Peter Weisensel


  1. Minutes:  The minutes from the April 20th meeting were approved.
  2. Ruthanne distributed a revised GES document for discussion and review.  It was deemed fine as revised.
  3. Ruthanne distributed a revised Allocations Request Guidelines document.  This is the document that helps department chairs to provide consistent information about their allocation request.  An additional document for allocations committee use only helps to guide allocations committee members as they review each request. 
  4. Ruthanne distributed a proposed revision to Section 6 of the Handbook, Section I.A.2.  It was determined that it needs more work; in fact, there may need to be an additional section.  This will be a project for next year’s committee to consider.
  5. There were substantial proposed revisions to Section 7 of the Handbook.  These were an addition of the GES Sub-Committees, addition of the Academic Structure information approved in 2003, and deletion of policies governing identification of special courses in the catalog.  It was agreed that EPAG should work in the early part of the next academic year to add another faculty member to the Study Abroad Review Committee.  This would not only make sense to prevent tied voting, but also allows broader faculty representation to this committee.  This will need approval of the faculty.  
  6. A potential revision to the by-laws of the faculty was proposed.  The changes were twofold.  The first would add the Library Director as an ex officio member of EPAG.  The second would add a section about appointments to advisory bodies or leadership positions.  After discussion of the latter addition, we determined that more discussion was necessary.  The entire proposal for change was tabled until next academic year.   
  7. Ruthanne distributed her draft report on study away issues that have been considered this year.  We spent some time discussing issues with year-long programs and the new Maastricht program.  There was also discussion of the policies we have about study abroad in countries that are on the State Department’s Warning list.  We also decided that there should be an explicit ranking added to the SARC guidelines document, putting students who have previously participated in Mac semester of study abroad at the bottom of the list.
  8. Jayne’s draft of recommendations on cross-listing policies was found acceptable.    
  9. Ruthanne distributed and the committee discussed her report on EPAG’s involvement with the Institute for Global Citizenship during this academic year.     


Adjourned 9:35 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Jayne Niemi, Registrar