EPAG Minutes

September 11, 2006

2:45-4:15, Campus Center 205


Beth Cleary, Ellen Guyer, Diane Michelfelder, Jayne Niemi, Joan Ostrove, Wang Ping, Michael Schneider, Peter Weisensel (co-chair), Karl Wirth (co-chair)


  1. Caroline Ettinger stopped by.  She can’t serve on the committee, but will let us know the names of the student representatives as quickly as possible.
  2. Please get any agenda items to Peter by end of Thursday so he can distribute an agenda to us on Friday.  Ellen will take care of refreshments.
  3. We reviewed the next steps for the new graduation requirements.  The GES subcommittees have all met at least once.  We talked about timelines and the need to move quickly.  GES Subcommittees need to develop their proposal forms so that they are ready for distribution to faculty by October 16, with a due date of November 17.  Approvals will go out by December 22nd.   We cited the need to distinguish these forms from other course change proposal forms, and intend to call them GES designation forms.  Ideally, the majority of courses would be in and approved before winter break begins.   Joan will be the EPAG representative on the writing group. 
  4. We made assignments to trustee and standing committees.
    1. Trustee committee on Academic Affairs:  Peter
    2. Trustee committee on Admissions:  Peter
    3. Trustee committee on Advancement:  Karl
    4. IDIM:  Ping
    5. Study Away:   EPAG rep is Michael; Diane has asked Joe Rife to join as well, pursuant to last semester’s decision to add an at-large position back to that subcommittee.
    6. Academic Standing:  Ellen will ask Kendrick if he is available
    7. Honorary Degree:  Beth
    8. Grants:  Karl
    9. Macalester Assessment Steering Committee:  Karl
    10. Institute for Global Citizenship:  Peter
    11. Academic Liaisons:  Peter
    12. GES, Multiculturalism:  Beth (other members are Rhodes, Sarker, McClure)
    13. GES, Internationalism:  Peter (others are Paul-Wagner, Suzuki, Robertson)
    14. GES, Writing:  Joan (others are English, E. Guyer, Davis)
    15. GES, Quantitative Thinking:  Karl (others are Bressoud, Moe, Dickel)
  5. There has been a request for a targeted hire in Political Science.  We will receive the materials prior to the next meeting. 
  6. ES Review:  We pondered what questions we wanted to ask in addition to what the department asks?  We discussed commenting on the best way to shepherd ES to the next level.    We could also ask about perceptions of the balance between disciplinarity and interdisciplinarity in light of the goals of the department. 
  7. Jayne reviewed past practice for approving regular course changes, and the committee agreed to continue this practice.  Basically, Jayne will review proposals, summarize them to the co-chairs, flagging any issues.  If necessary, proposals may be brought to the full committee for consideration.  Otherwise, if approved, they will proceed to the monthly circulation at the first of each month.
  8. There was brief discussion of EPAG reconsidering what is asked of departments for department reviews; perhaps add assessment, other things may be taken out.
  9. FPC has revisions they made to the handbook that they plan to bring to the October meeting of the faculty.  FPC and EPAG have agreed to hammer out the process that the “committee of former FPC members” will follow in the event of an appeal.
  10. Next week we will work on our “to-do” list.   Joan agreed to develop a prioritized version for us to look at.
  11. Karl and Peter have agreed to a division of labor where Karl handles curricular matters, and Peter will do the rest.


Adjourned 4:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Jayne Niemi, Registrar