EPAG Minutes

October 16, 2006

2:45-4:15, Campus Center 205


Kendrick Brown, Beth Cleary, Cheryl Contant,  Natalia Espejo,  Ellen Guyer,  Diane Michelfelder, Jayne Niemi, Joan Ostrove,  Jacob Wartman, Peter Weisensel (co-chair), Karl Wirth (co-chair)


  1. Minutes:  The minutes from the last meeting were approved.
  2. Approval Forms:  We discussed changes to the General Education requirement approval forms. We want to provide drop-down windows where ever it is possible.  We decided not to limit the space or numbers for now.   The possibility of links to an example of a completed form was bandied about.   Diane expressed concerned about excessive administrative work caused by requiring requests for continual approval.   We discussed the possibility that someone might request to discontinue a course’s approval.  We decided to postpone detailing the process of getting continuing approval until we have finished the first round of approvals!   Karl has drafted an explanation page that goes with the web form. We suggested editorial changes to it.  
  3. Middle Eastern Studies:  Peter has received no response to our questions from the ad hoc committee – he will remind them again.   
  4. Information fluency document:  The data presented in this document made many readers think twice about information fluency and our students.   The information fluency committee wonders whether an EPAG rep should be appointed to their group.  The conversation turned to the idea that there should be a standard expectation of information fluency.  It should not be restricted to groups of students, such as those doing honors, or enrolled in a particular First Year Course.   Natalia expressed how useful she found the sessions she had in those two contexts.   We agreed that this is a curricular issue, but we wonder to what kind of faculty involvement there should be.   Peter will communicate EPAG’s agreement that there should be faculty representation to this group, but that we don’t feel at this time that it has to be from EPAG.
  5. Reallocation request:  Jacob and Natalia were excused from this deliberation.  Discussion ensued about the request from International Studies for partial re-allocation of a faculty position.  There is strong sentiment to have this considered during the normal allocation process.  This will be communicated to both department chairs.



Adjourned 4:20 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Jayne Niemi, Registrar