EPAG Minutes
February 13, 2007
9:45-11:15, Campus Center 214

Kendrick Brown, Beth Cleary, Terri Fishel, Ellen Guyer, Jayne Niemi, Joan Ostrove,  Michael Schneider,  David Seitz, Peter Weisensel (co-chair)

1. Minutes: Corrections to typographical errors were noted, and the minutes from the February 6th meeting were approved. 

2. Cognitive and Neuroscience Studies self-study: The four questions for the reviewers seemed reasonable.   We added a question asking for the reviewers’ opinion on a small college having a both a CNS major and a bio major with a neurobiology emphasis – could they comment on how they complement and overlap with each other.     

3. GER Subcommittees: Submissions will have to begin again soon.   Joan’s conversations with the W group brought about several suggestions for streamlining the current approval process.    She thinks it would be useful for EPAG to make a public announcement that we have streamlined some of the procedures.   This might only be an issue for the W group.  Other groups didn’t experience much of a problem.  Some of the complaints were about the form being too long, and others were about the discomfort with being monitored.  The next proposals will be due by April 1st. It will be announced at the March faculty meeting. 

4. Agenda:  There are 11 more regularly scheduled EPAG meetings between now and May 1st.  We want to look at religious holiday policy, the faculty appeal, allocations, restructuring (subcommittee of Joan and Beth), library resources and funding for current interdisciplinary programs, handbook revisions,  possible proposal from the Global Institute, proposal for minor in IS with science emphasis.

Here’s the plan per meeting:

Feb 20th: Routine business including the request for an International Studies minor with a science emphasis, and course proposal requests.
EPAG restructuring proposal
First consideration of the personnel appeal

Feb 27th: Routine business
Religious holidays
Finish personnel appeal

March 6thMeeting starts at 8:30
Presentation of allocation cases and start of information gathering.

March 13th: no meeting due to spring break

March 20th: Meeting starts at 8:30
Allocations activity continues.

Thursday, March 22nd:  additional meeting, 8:30 – 11:15
Continue allocations reviews.

March 27th:  Meet with International Center reviewers.

April 3rd:  Meeting starts at 8:30
Allocation wrap-up.

5. IDIM: Jayne informed the group that the revised proposal contained new information and different courses than the original proposal.  EPAG recommended that this new proposal go back to the IDIM Subcommittee for consideration. 

6. Personnel Appeal: Peter will inform the appellant that EPAG is ready to receive the appeal documents and has scheduled time to consider the appeal once the documents have been received, and as early as our next meeting.

Adjourned 11:15 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Jayne Niemi, Registrar