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Educational Policy and Governance (EPAG)


EPAG Minutes
September 18, 2007
4:30-6:00, CC 215

Kendrick Brown (chair), Pete Ferderer, Terri Fishel,  Ellen Guyer, Dan Keyser,  Paul Maitland-McKinley, David Martyn, Diane Michelfelder, Jayne Niemi, Manoj Vemula,  Peter Weisensel, Eric Wiertelak

  1. Alison Tray, Chair of the Academic Affairs Commission of student government, introduced the two student representatives, Manoj Vemula and Paul Maitland-McKinley. 
  2. The minutes of the May 1st and September 11th meetings were approved with the deletion of a redundant “until” in the latter document.
  3. Kendrick circulated documents that had been distributed at the meeting of the Institute for Global Citizenship advisory committee meeting. 
  4. We reviewed a draft of a mission statement for an ad hoc committee on EPAG restructuring.    It was suggested that the committee collect the “wisdom of the crowd” from past members of EPAG, FAC, and Curriculum Committee.  Another was for them to look at structures that other institutions use.  We hope that the committee will imagine and consider possibilities and alternatives to existing structures.   Kendrick will revise the mission statement, circulate it again, and committee formation can begin.
  5. We discussed the CST Director position description.  Next week we’ll have some input from faculty members who have some direct experience with the CST.    The issue of a “firewall” between the CST and the Provost, as well as other issues, might be better informed after we have information from the outside reviewers.   That will likely arrive by November 1.   The goal would be to have a director selected by the end of February.  It would be helpful to hammer out a timeline for the whole process. We’ll continue to gather perspectives and then have a discussion of the job description.  Next week:  Dan Hornbach and Jan Serie will be at our meeting, and Jaine Strauss will provide written perspective, since she is unable to attend.
  6. We reviewed the faculty appeals document, which Kendrick had put in faculty handbook language and format.  He also added a rationale portion, which met with the committee’s approval.   Kendrick will re-work the motion and circulate via email for final comments.  Diane is waiting for the response from the college attorney regarding legal representation at the appeal.  Some other editing was suggested for clarity in the section on information gathering.   The motion should still make it onto the agenda for the October faculty meeting.
  7. Two additional EPAG members were chosen to join Kendrick on the Joint Committee on T/TT Faculty Allocations.  They are Dan Keyser and  David Martyn.
  8. International Center Review and Response:   Both documents were discussed.  One of the issues that arose is how much the faculty are involved in program recommendations.  Mike’s response talks about divisional liaisons, not departmental, which we think would be more beneficial.  The library departmental representative program has been successful and could be a good model to follow.  There was some tension evident about service-learning.  This might a question for the “SARC plus” if that comes into being.  It was noted that there was an academic leadership project mentioned in the CST document that was about the advising/choice of study away programs and it didn’t seem to be on the radar of the IC.   It was also noted that the review/response didn’t talk about Macalester’s own programs.  These two things seem to be “disconnects”.   Is there an opportunity to think differently about the structure of the IC?   Are there possibilities for other work, e.g., with international scholars.  How and why are programs added and removed from the recommended list, and shouldn’t departments be notified of changes to the list and why they were made?  Peer-advising should be explored again.  Kendrick will draft a response and circulate it for response.
  9. We received two documents from Michael Monahan, both related to Study Abroad.  We started with the Criteria for Study Away Program Selection & Recommended List.  Mike should be asked for a proposal that describes how departments can be involved in the development of the recommended list.  Next time, we’ll start with the “SARC Plus” document. 

Adjourned 5:58 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Jayne Niemi, Registrar


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