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EPAG Minutes
October 23, 2007
4:30-6:00, CC 215

Fahima Aziz, Kendrick Brown (chair), Pete Ferderer, Ellen Guyer, Dan Keyser, Paul Maitland-McKinney, Diane Michelfelder, Jayne Niemi, Manoj Vemula, Peter Weisensel, Eric Wiertelak, Karl Wirth

  1. The minutes from the last meeting were declared spectacular and approved.
  2. Kendrick reported that the Joint EPAG/RPC/Chairs Committee on strategic planning had an organizational meeting last week.
  3. Kendrick gave members a last chance to comment on the draft of a memo to Interdepartmental Concentration coordinators.  Please advise him of any changes before tomorrow afternoon.
  4. Kendrick reported that he met with Karen Saxe about EPAG’s initial response to the department’s proposal for a major in Applied Mathematics and Statistics.  The department is working on a response.
  5. Our consideration of the Cognitive and Neuroscience Studies review and response is postponed to the 10/30 meeting.  In principle, what does the committee feel about unsolicited comment from other departments on department/program reviews?  If the comment letter is meant to correct the lack of input from a relevant department, it might be acceptable.  Otherwise, only the department review and response will be considered by EPAG.   After that, it might be appropriate for other departments to provide input about any proposal that might result from the program review. 
  6. We discussed the various issues surrounding quorum at faculty meetings.  The definition of quorum calculations came into question.   While we hope that we’ll see increased attendance, and therefore no quorum issues beginning next fall when the meeting time changes, the faculty needs to be able to continue its business in the intervening months.  David Moore’s proposal for a new quorum number was distributed.   We looked at both the constitution, the by-laws, Roberts’ Rules, and current quorum calculation practice.  Diane shared the practices of a group of sister schools.  The purpose of a quorum is to prevent an unrepresentative vote from being taken.  Who is a voting member of the faculty and who counts in the quorum are 2 separate issues.   Some faculty may not be counted towards the quorum, but would still retain their right to vote.    We brainstormed, trying to come up with every category of faculty and then sharing opinions about whether or not they should count towards the quorum.  Next week, we’ll look at the current numbers in each of those categories, so that we can see the effect using real numbers as we think about possible changes to the by-laws. 
  7. Kendrick reviewed his last draft of a memo about departmental honors procedures.  Some changes were suggested.  He will revise the memo and circulate it again prior to it being sent to department chairs.
  8. A new concentration in Human Rights and Humanitarianism was approved and will be circulated to the full faculty at the start of November.
  9. Jayne reported for the Study Away Review Committee that of the 169 proposals received, one was rejected, one approved conditionally, and the remainder were all approved.

Adjourned 5:57 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Jayne Niemi, Registrar


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