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EPAG Minutes
November 20, 2006
4:30-6:00, CC 215

Present: Fahima Aziz, Kendrick Brown (chair), Pete Ferderer, Terri Fishel,  Dan Keyser, David Martyn, Paul Maitland-McKinney, Diane Michelfelder, Manoj Vemula, Peter Weisensel, Eric Wiertelak, Karl Wirth

Absent:  Ellen Guyer and Jayne Niemi

  1. Minutes of the Meeting of 11/13/2007 were approved without any additions or corrections.
  2. Committee Reports
    Joint RPC/EPAG/Chairs committee is working on a survey of faculty by email for guiding hires and allocations.
  3. Ongoing Business
    a. Update on Departmental Honors Procedures – 17 responses received out of approximately 30 departments.
    b. Update on Academic Structure of Concentrations – responses received from Urban, African Studies, awaiting response from Legal Studies, and Public Health.  When information comes then EPAG will consider the next step.
    c. Update on Human Rights and Humanitarianism – an objection has been raised from a faculty member. Kendrick will be checking in with person who has objections.  This will probably be an agenda item for the December faculty mtg.  Objections will have to be addressed, and Diane requested that a reminder of the history of this proposal should be included.
  4. New Business
    a. Applied Mathematics and Statistics Major Proposal
    David Martyn was thanked for his role in clarifying the discussion with Math/CS.  Kendrick expressed the need to create a process to review new proposals.  By looking at this specific proposal, a process could be developed for future proposals.   Discussion ensued about the specific Math/CS Proposal.  There was a concern expressed about the distinctness of majors and the amount of overlap with common courses.  The concern that virtually every AMS major could add a math major by just adding one or two courses, could establish a precedent.  Dan K. mentioned that in the Dance and Theater department one can only major in one or the other, not both.  Dept. needs to have conversation – hear from theoretical
    Kendrick will email Jayne and ask for comparison from other disciplinary depts.  (not interdisciplinary)  and then pull together a draft of a letter.
    Kendrick will also notify Karen and let her know that  EPAG is exploring ways AMS major would work at Mac.
    Kendrick distributed a page with “Information Necessary to Assess New Major Proposals” with  questions to ask and information to include.  There are more joint positions and more interdisciplinary departments and this was an attempt to outline a possible review for new proposals.  It is expected that we will revisit this later, not right away.
    At this point we shifted to the last item of business before completing the discussion.
    b. Strategic hire – the group agreed to move forward with the proposal and will forward to FPC.
    c. Global Citizenship Concentration Proposal – Concerns expressed included the fact that the list of courses did not include any economics, no QM.  There were concerns with Greek and Roman World as a course since global citizenship is contemporary citizenship, and why this class and not something related to Francophone world?  There was concern that there were no history courses and the arts were not included.  A suggestion to develop a matrix with outcomes and what courses support.  A revised proposal that is narrow enough that course choices make sense and not arbitrary.  There was also concern with the “steering committee” and the fact that no other dept. has members that are not faculty members and have voting rights.  Michael Monahan should be ex officio member.  It was decided that any ambiguity in the proposal has to be nailed down and more details are needed.  “TBD” on steering committee is not acceptable.
    There was some discussion about the faculty response and the Institute being connected to this concentration.  A concern was raised that in the annual report of the dean this program is being listed as being offered.  There is currently nothing in bylaws for a nonacademic unit to offer courses.  Then the resource issue comes up.  Int’l Studies majors could complete this with the addition of one or two courses.  Intl 494; PolSci, AmStud, science to full gen ed, study away; doesn’t push students to go beyond; it’s possible for everyone to graduate with this degree?
    Kendrick will draft a response letter and circulate it to the rest of the committee for revision.

We reached the 6:00 p.m. time limit and adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted by
Terri Fishel, Library Director


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