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EPAG Minutes
April 8, 2008

4:30-6:00, CC 215

Kendrick Brown (chair), Ellen Guyer, Pete Ferderer, Terri Fishel, Dan Keyser, David Martyn, Diane Michelder, Jayne Niemi, Oriel Fernandes (as a proxy for Manoj Vemula), Peter Weisensel, Eric Wiertelak, Karl Wirth

1. The minutes from the April 1st meeting were approved.
2. Update on Class Absence and Attendance policy – we’ll see a draft in the next few weeks.
3. College Drop/Add Deadline – we are considering an earlier deadline. We’ll talk about it on April 22nd. Jayne will be forwarding an opinion piece from Michael Porter.
4. General Education updates: all fully approved courses are on the Registrar’s web site. Others will be added as clarifications are received. Issues we should consider one more time are current term courses, retroactive approval for past courses, faculty not remembering that it’s a per section, per semester submission requirement. We’ll look at some of these things in the near future.
5. Proposed revisions to Section 8. The department chairs group has been looking at responsibilities of chairs. The section needs improvement in list of duties, and the evaluation of chairs, so there is a revision before us. Kendrick suggested some clarifications that made it consistent with Section 7. He also asked for the rationale for the new piece on an extra course release for new, first-time chairs. He suggested that the course release translates into training on how to be a chair. Diane described some of the on-going training opportunities that have been offered. Peter reminded the group of former ACE fellow Cheryl Contant’s suggestion for chairs to pick one major thing to address per year in their department. That might be an entry for the department chair’s handbook. Another question from Kendrick about what exceptional circumstances would be – how did that language evolve? Diane described one or two exceptions that had been made. Chair releases are not replaced, but an additional release would be. Program directors will be treated like chairs. Mentoring, in some departments, is shared among the senior faculty instead of just being the responsibility of the chair.
6. We began to consider the CNS request for department status. Eric left the meeting. We have said we want some version of this curriculum at the College – now what form should that take? What is supportable and sustainable? We discussed both options that were presented to us, and chose neither. EPAG recommends that CNS return a proposal for a single major, with tracks if they wish.

Adjourned at 5:44 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jayne Niemi, Registrar


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