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Educational Policy and Governance (EPAG)


EPAG Minutes
April 15, 2008, 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. CC 214

Present: Kendrick Brown, Chair; Eric Wiertelak, David Martyn, Dan Keyser, Ellen Guyer, Peter Weisensel, Diane Michelfelder, Karl Wirth, Pete Ferderer, Paul Maitlland-McKinley, Manoj Vemula, Terri Fishel.

Guest: Chunchun Wang

1. Approval of Minutes – postponed until Jayne was present
2. Business
a. Conversation with Brooke Lea about CNS and the concern within EPAG that two majors with 1 FTE is not optimal. The challenge is that one major with three tracks is not likely to be approved by members within biology.
b. Review Revised Educational Studies Course of Study Proposal. Terminology came under discussion about “co-major” – we use major, minor, tracks. The decision was that EPAG supports the proposal and will recommend it to the faculty at the May 7th meeting.
c. Review Community and Global Health Program and Interdisciplinary Concentration Proposal
Concerns raised were as follows:
1. levels of courses for requirement seem low
2. is Math 108 only way to satisfy the methodology requirement
3. is money for the library in the Mellon grant
4. is there sustainability for this program beyond the grant funding (HHMI grant was not obtained)
5. where is the “global” in community and overall difficulty in mapping the curriculum to the goals of the program
6. #2 project – how many credits, is this an Honors project, is it part of a class

Kendrick will invite Jaine Strauss and members of the CGH Planning Committee to come to the next EPAG meeting for further discussion.

d. Review Cognitive and Neuroscience Studies Dept. Proposal. A conversation with Eric led to a further discussion of the distinctions between neuroscience, neuroscience studies, and cognitive science. The Macalester program of neuroscience studies has been the model used at a number of other undergraduate institutions with liberal arts curriculum. The current proposal of two majors under one department with only 1 FTE is not one that EPAG would envision as optimal for the College.. Recommendation is to get a revised proposal from CNS and, if necessary, invite members of the biology dept. to an EPAG meeting to discuss their concerns.

3. Adjournment – 6:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Terri Fishel

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