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Library, Media and Web Services Advisory Committee

Meeting – February 7, Library Instruction Room, 11:50 - 12:50 p.m.

Present:  Keith Kuwata, Pete Ferderer, Barron Koralesky (proxy for Jerry Sanders), Angi Faiks, Dave Collins, Brian Longley, Terri Fishel

Absent:  Lynn Hudson, Sara Suelflow, Jerry Sanders (out sick), Alana Hedlund

Guest:  Ellen Holt-Werle


Agenda – Revised


  1. Proxy Representative for Quorum – because Jerry Sanders was out ill and Lynn Hudson was unavailable, and Jan had requested to resign from the committee, we didn’t have a quorum.  Terri requested that Barron Koralesky be approved to represent Jerry in his absence.  Pete and Keith approved the recommendation to allow Barron to fill in.  Jan anticipates that there will be a new director of CST appointed in March and we can hope to include that person once we know who it is.
  2. Archives policies - conversation and discussion with Ellen Holt-Werle.  We reviewed the archives policies that had been distributed in October and included:

        $ Mission Statement and Guidelines

        $ Collection Development and Acquisitions Policies and Priorities

        $ Archives Research Projects

     $ Policy for Removing Materials from the Archives

     $ Reproduction and Use Request

     $ Reproduction and Use Policies and Fees
Ellen summarized the project of developing policies that began in 2001 prior to her arrival.  There are two more policies that need to be reviewed – Deed for Gift and Restricted Access.  Both are in development.  We’d like to get the policies approved prior to the review for Archives that has been funded by an NEH grant.  The NEH grant provides for bringing in a consultant and then based on a report generated by the consultant we can apply for further grants.  During discussion the issues of collecting faculty articles was brought up.  The question was presented to Keith and Pete on how best to engage faculty in the discussion of preserving their articles.  With our new format for faculty research and publications pages we can link to articles that appear in journals to which we subscribe, but the preference would be to deposit the articles in the DigitalCommons for long term preservation as per examples with have with Keith, Joan Ostrove, and Chris Wells who have articles in the DC.  We also briefly discussed best format for archival purposes – print or digital.  Ellen is currently working on converting faculty minutes into a digital format that will allow for easy access.

ACTION:  Policies were all approved as presented.


  1. Approval of December minutes – Minutes of December were approved without any changes.
  2. Report on brief faculty survey conducted by the CST in Dec.   Terri distributed copies of the faculty survey results (see attached) with a summary of the key points.  We had 76 responses – 71 responded that the library contributed in some manner (93%).  The top five responses:
    1. Article acquired through ILL – 45%
    2. Journal owned by the library – 44%
    3. Article acquired from a database provided by the library – 43%
    4. Book owned by the library – 43%
    5. Book acquired through ILL – 35%

      Overall the results were very positive and encouraging that the LMW was contributing to faculty scholarship.  In sharing with the faculty via Jan’s listserv, we want to respond to some concerns that were expressed about digital content in the library.  We want to encourage faculty to request resources that we don’t own and we can then put them into the priority list as funds become available.  The other concern was in regards to informing faculty how to negotiate their rights as author.  We can point them to some web resources as well as other resources. 
  3. Update on budget 2008-09 status
    The Task Force on Budget has had their last meeting prior to submitting the budget to the Board.  The library received a 3% overall program increase, and we hope funding to hire some assistance for the Web Coordinator in the form of a shared position with ITS to handle web application development.  Media Services didn’t get their full TEM request, and a change has taken place in terms of funding for furniture so we don’t know where we stand with our request for new tables in the BI Room.  Overall, it was good news for the LMW budget.
  4. Brief update from Angi on acquisitions
    Angi shared an update on where we are with getting orders processed for the end-of-year.  Angi reminded the group that her area had lost 1.5 positions in trying to address needs elsewhere in the library.  With only one person for acquisitions we are at a disadvantage when that person is out for any significant period of time.  We are in the process of hiring a temporary assistant to help get the orders processed and received.  We’re hoping to hire within the month and have someone work until the end of the academic year.
  5. Announcements
    1. Dave mentioned an Educause Learning Initiative conference that he attended with Barron.  One of the sessions was on renovating classrooms including technology and furnishings.  This led to a discussion about the need for this conversation to take place on campus. Terri will follow up with Barron, Brian, and Dave about coordinating such a session with Facilities Management.
    2. New Macs in the BI Room were recently installed with the assistance of ITS. 
  6. Next meeting, time and location – March 13, 11:50 – 12:50 – location to be determined.


Adjourned at 12:55

Respectfully submitted by Terri


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