Committees Library, Media and Web Services Advisory Committee Macalester College

Library, Media and Web Services Advisory Committee

May 8, 2008 11:50 – 12:50 Library Instruction Room

Present:  Keith Kuwata (Chair), Lynn Hudson, Pete Ferderer, Alana Hedlund, Jerry Sanders, Angi Faiks, Brian Longley, Terri Fishel



  1. Approved Minutes of March meeting
  2. Collection Development Policy – reviewed and approved.  [Collection Development Policy]
  3. Digital Commons policy – discussion and review.  Questions were raised about copyright and we made one change regarding copyright and content. Policy was approved.  Approved policy below.
  4. Membership for the 2008-09 Academic Year – All members except Pete will be continuing for 2008-09.  Pete was thanked for his contributions to the committee and we wished him good luck as EPAG Chair.
  5. Classrooms of the Future – Media Services provides support for classrooms and the group was asked to consider classroom technology and facilities prior to attending the meeting.  Brian opened the discussion by suggesting that a group be formed that consisted of faculty, staff, members of Facilities Management, and the Library Space Planning group.  It was suggested that the group include faculty from each building.  With the new art building renovation project, it seemed this was a good time to assess learning environments in all the buildings.  The group supported the idea and then shared comments regarding current classrooms.  One suggestion was made to move the screens from in front of the white board.  We agreed to prepare a proposal for the new Provost.
  6. WorldCat Local – we did a brief presentation for the committee and explained that we are just beginning the testing phase, but the committee members were all impressed with what they saw.  We hope to do a full rollout later in the summer.


Meeting adjourned at 1 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Terri Fishel




Policy for Submitting and Requests for Withdrawing Content

DeWitt Wallace Library

Macalester College



This document outlines the policies established for the current and future collections residing in DigitalCommons@Macalester.



Adding Content

DigitalCommons@Macalester is a dynamic institutional repository system based on the principle of Open Access,  that enables us to collect, distribute to the broader community, and preserve the scholarly output of the faculty, students and staff at Macalester College.  Members of the Macalester community interested in submitting materials should consult with the Digital Commons Coordinator.  Appropriate content may be added following the guidelines below:


  • The work must be original, produced and submitted, or sponsored by a faculty, staff, student, organization or department of Macalester College
  • The work must be creative, scholarly in nature, research oriented, or of institutional significance
  • The author must own the copyright to all components and content within the work, or have received and shown permission to have the material available on Digital Commons
  • The author or representative of the organization or department must sign a permission form  prior to material being uploaded to the repository, granting the College the right to distribute and preserve the material via the DigitalCommons@Macalester
  • Contributors may include non-affiliated scholars if they are co-authoring with Macalester authors or are affiliated closely with the College, e.g., are emeritus professors, or hold honorary appointments
  • Some material may be available only to current college faculty, staff and students
  • There is no formal limit to size of material
  • Most file formats are acceptable
  • Examples of possible content are:  
  • Working papers, conference papers and technical reports
  • Published articles when copyright and/or license allow
  • Honors projects
  • Award winning papers from students
  • Journals published by the Macalester community
  • Faculty course-related output primarily of scholarly interest
  • Organizational annual reports and newsletters
  • Strategic college documents
  • Data sets


Author Rights

  • The author retains the copyright for all works submitted
  • The author is free to reuse the content, but it is his/her responsibility to check the terms of the publication agreement if a document published in Digital Commons is published elsewhere
  • Authors may update and add to existing works


User Rights

  • All users must respect the intellectual property rights of the author. 
  • Material may be downloaded for educational and research purposes provided due recognition is given to the author
  • Material may not be copied, distributed, displayed, altered, or used for commercial purposes, unless specified by Creative Commons License


If you have questions about permitted uses for any content in this database, please contact



Withdrawal of content

DigitalCommons@Macalester has been established as a permanent repository.

Once deposited, an item will not be withdrawn, although under some circumstances, it will be removed from view.

  • Any requests for withdrawal must be sent to
  • Authors or affected parties may request that works be removed from the DigitalCommons for reasons of factual inaccuracy,  plagiarism, or potential copyright infringement
  • No materials will be removed without an attempt to reach the author
  • If authors who have submitted work to DigitalCommons@Macalester leave the college, their work will be retained in the archive. If the authors would like to have new contact information added to their material in DigitalCommons@Macalester, the Digital Commons Coordinator will assist them in having such information added
  • If a work is withdrawn, a citation including original metadata will always remain, but the work is noted as withdrawn, i.e. “removed at request of author, or removed at the discretion of…, or removed by legal order”



Responsibilities of Digital Assets Management Committee:

  • Educate our users about the requirements of copyright law
  • Make it clear that submissions must comply with current copyright guidelines
  • Maintain content
  • Distribute content according to policy
  • Migrate material when the format is in danger of becoming obsolete
  • Notify the community of significant changes to community content, such as format migration or conversion



This document was prepared by Terri Fishel (Library Director) and Janet Sietmann (Digital Commons Coordinator). 

Draft approved by the Digital Assets Management Committee 3/20/2008

Draft approved by the LibraryMediaWeb Services Advisory Committee 5/8/2008


The Digital Assets Management Committee reserves the right to change these policies, or to terminate the project.




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