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Library, Media and Web Services Advisory Committee

Meeting – December 13, Campus Center 214, 10 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Present:  Pete Ferderer , Lynn Hudson, Keith Kuwata, Alana Hedlund, Jan Serie, Jerry Sanders, Dave Collins, Angi Faiks, Brian Longley, Sara Suelflow, Terri Fishel

 Agenda, Dec. 13

1.  Approve minutes of November meeting  - approved
2.  Annual Report
A discussion of the Annual Report that was produced and distributed identified items that the group requested clarification or more detail.  These included:

  • Explanation of the Oberlin Group (peer group of 80 private liberal arts colleges)
  • Details on the comparison in terms of highlights that are revealed
  • Define individual instruction
  • Suggested reducing the statistics and include a summary of five observations
  • Electronic copy to be posted to website

ACTION:  Terri will include a summary of these points in the electronic copy that will be posted on the website or in DigitalCommons.

3.    Archives Policies – copies of policies were distributed previously, but the group needed more time to review.  Questions were raised as to the status of the Archives and what types of materials we could acquire as well as type of support we could sustain.  Space is tight, and there are materials we are not acquiring.  It was pointed out that it is unlikely we will have much background on current students who might have the potential of reaching the stature of someone such as Kofi Annan.  We agreed to invite Ellen Holt-Werle to the next meeting to review the policies and provide approval.

  • Budget – a preliminary report on the status of the budget was provided.  The budget is not completed until the end of January, so this was a preliminary review.  Questions were raised as to what happens to articles purchased in the pay-per-article plan with Elsevier.  It was pointed out that new faculty hires need to be aware of this program.  Based on how the program proceeds with the pay-per-article, we may expand to publishers beyond Elsevier. 
  • Announcements
    1. Short Faculty survey to be distributed by CST on faculty publishing
    2. Selected Works – new platform for faculty publications to replace current web pages located at  Work to be done during January with hope to complete by end of January.


Next meeting February 7, 11:50 to 12:50 in CST.  Topics include:

  • Archives Policies
  • Updates-
    • Budget
    • Faculty survey
    • Selected Works
    • Digital Collection status report by Angi


Respectfully submitted by Terri Fishel, Library Director


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