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Library, Media and Web Services Advisory Committee

Meeting – November 1,  2007, Campus Center 214, 10 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Present:  Pete Ferderer , Lynn Hudson, Keith Kuwata, Alana Hedlund, Jerry Sanders, Dave Collins, Angi Faiks, Brian Longley, Sara Suelflow, Terri Fishel

Absent:  Jan  Serie, Amia, Taren (student reps)

 Agenda, Nov. 1, 10:00-11:30  (Campus Center 214)

1.  Review and approve minutes of Oct. meeting  - approved
2.  Collection Development issues
Angi provided a summary of some the purchasing issues related to developing the  library collections.  Purchasing is complicated by vendors that bundle resources, by the increase in interdisciplinary materials, and generally there is no longer a neat or simple program for purchasing materials that are needed to support the curriculum.  The recent change by Elsevier that would charge us for both print and electronic versions of the same journal, forced us to look at other options.  Angi reviewed the Trinity (San Antonio) model which meant
canceling  journal subscriptions  and buying article one at time.  This option provided an opportunity to have access to more content and ease of access with pay-per-view.  It was determined to do a  pilot project from January to May.  The  proposal is being shared with the advisory group today and Lib Reps next week.  The pilot  testing model is to be as open as we can be to get real test.  There will be one common pool of money with individual passwords for departments.
a.Pay per article plan - review of proposal for providing access to articles from Elsevier on a pay-per-article plan.  [Draft proposal distributed Wed. 10/31/2007] Discussion included questions about student access, a review of copyright limits, the fact that a single article could be purchased multiple times, what types of usage statistics would be available, and access to Science Direct from 1600grand.  One of the areas we need to pay attention to is the 80% rule for providing 80% of our needs for our patrons.   We do not know how the cancellations will affect ILL requests to us.  The Advisory Group approved the plan with the stipulation to monitor how this affects student needs, and Angi and Terri will meet with the Economics Department to make sure their concerns are heard and addressed.
b.  Feedback on three collections:  Wood, Greats, and Video
i.  Wood Collection -  This is a collection of juvenile and childrens books currently located on second level next to library instruction room and previously the intent of the collection was to support the Elementary Ed curriculum.  We no longer have an Elementary Ed program, so the question is whether to keep, reduce, or discard.  We have a request from an interested party for our collection.  The collection is an endowed collection and Angi shared numbers of usage by our students and CLIC.  Discussion included the fact that we currently spend about $12,000, that  pre-processed books for childrens  collection are not available at same level as academic book.  The question was raised as to whether it could be mixed into the existing collection or housed somewhere else on campus.  A forthcoming  article in MacWeekly will share information regarding use.  A recommendation was made to weed the collection, and perhaps develop a cozy reading area.  It was suggested that other changes be included in the space planning discussions.

ii.  Greats – The Greats collection is a donated collection of Great Works of Western Civilization located on main level next to Circ Desk.  The question for the group was whether we keep or integrate into the general collection. The Advisory Group approved to dismantle the collection and integrate copies into the existing collection.
iii. Video - the library currently provides current videos for entertainment purposes for students and media services maintains a collection for faculty to support teaching.  Hours of service vary for two collections, which also serve two different purposes.  There are
additional issues which we will outline for discussion. All three collections have implications for space issues in the library. Our collection consists of about 348 pieces with 10,000+ uses. 

We ran out of time at this point and did not get to last two agenda items.

Our next meeting will be Dec. 13, 10 – 11:30, room 214 Campus Center.


Next month the topic will be Budget

  • Funding for new faculty and new programs - each year new faculty are hired for the campus, but we have no funds for addressing new needs.   Discussion with group based on faculty experience with their depts. and input on how we could address this issue.
  • Updates- Digital Collection status report by Angi
  • Schedule for Spring


Respectfully submitted by Terri Fishel, Library Director




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