Macalester College Harassment Committee

The information on this page is no longer valid. Please contact the Title IX Coordinator & Director of Equity at for more information.

Macalester College does not tolerate harassment in any form. The creation of a hostile learning and work environment is inconsistent with our community standards. Inappropriate verbal, written or physical conduct can constitute harassment. Harassment complaints are received and processed by the Macalester College Harassment Committee (MCHC). Community members can use the MCHC as a resource regarding questions or concerns about harassment. Anyone can meet with an MCHC member without registering a complaint, and members will provide information and counsel upon request.

Information for Participants in MCHC Investigations

Committee members

Keith Edwards, Campus Life
Angi Faiks, Library
Geoff Gorham, Philosophy
Bob Graf, Employment Services
Jim Hoppe, Student Affairs
Becky Hoye, Chemistry
Lisa Landreman, Student Affairs
Chris MacDonald-Dennis, Multicultural Life
Roopali Phadke, Environmental Studies
Chad Topaz, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science