Resources and Planning Committee

The Resources and Planning Committee acts as an advisory committee to the President regarding long-term financial planning. It reviews both annual and long-term budgets of the College and it undertakes studies of the college's resource use. Appointed membership includes six faculty, three staff and two students who serve three year terms.

2014-2015 MEMBERS

Liang Ding
Pete Ferderer
Dan Hornbach
Mary Montgomery
Juliette Rogers
Dianna Shandy

Non-Tenure Track Faculty Representatives for Fall 2014:
Brigetta Abel
Marianne Milligan

Angi Faiks
Barron Koralesky
Dave Ehren

Lucy Westerfield '15

Ex Officio:
Polly Fassinger
Kathleen Murray
David Wheaton


2014-2015 RPC Meetings (must be logged in to Google Apps)