Campus Committees

Campus Committees: Elected and SAC Appointed

Each spring, SAC solicits nominations from the community for committee appointments. New members are appointed in May. If you would like to be considered for a committee, please email .

Advancement Committee

  • This is a Trustee Committee
  • Mission: Responsible for oversight of fund raising, including policy guidelines, goals, major prospect solicitation, and ensuring an adequate budget.
  • Length of term: 2 years
  • Contact: Tommy Bonner at 
  • Appointed Members: 11 trustees, 1 faculty, 1 staff and 2 students
  • Permanent Members: College President, Board of Trustees Chair, 3 Representatives from Development, VP for College Advancement
  • 2013-2014 Staff Members: Karin Trail-Johnson (Term End May 2014), Dave Berglund (SAC Representative)(Term End May 2016)

Benefits Advisory Committee

  • Mission: Reviews, discusses, and provides recommendations about the College's staff/faculty employee benefits policies and programs.
  • Length of Term: 3 years
  • Contact: Eric Wiertelak at 
  • Appointed Members: 2 faculty (1 member who also sits on RPC), 2 staff (1 exempt and 1 non-exempt) and 1 union representative
  • Permanent Members: Employment Services Benefits Representative
  • 2013-2014 Staff Members: Brian Lindeman (Term End May 2014), Laura Kigin (Term End May 2015)

Entertainment Committee

  • Mission: Plans and implements a program of entertainment recognizing the important contributions to the life of the college by faculty and staff. Recommend to the President one major event and other occasions each academic year.
  • Length of Term: 3 years
  • Contact: Andi Wulff at
  • Appointed Members: Various staff and faculty
  • Permanent Members: Special Events Coordinator
  • 2013-2014 Staff Members: Suresh Mudragada (Term End May 2014), Jan Beebe (Term End May 2015), Karla Nagy (Term End May 2015)

Honorary Degree Committee

  • Mission: Makes recommendations to the faculty and the Board of Trustees for the awarding of honorary degrees.
  • Length of Term: 3 years
  • Contact: Jan Peterson at 
  • Appointed Members: 2 faculty, 2 students, 1 staff
  • Permanent Members: Provost (Chair), Director of College Relations, and Director of Alumni Relations
  • 2013-2014 Staff Members: Api Sulistyo (Term End May 2015)

Infrastructure Committee

  • This is a Trustee Committee
  • Formerly Buildings and Grounds Committee
  • Mission: Reports to the Board of Trustees on buildings, grounds, and information technology issues.
  • Length of Term: 2 years
  • Contact: David Wheaton at 
  • Appointed Members: 15 trustees, 1 faculty, 1 staff, and 2 students
  • Permanent Members: Director of Facilities Management, Vice President for Administration and Finance, College President, Associate Vice President for Information Technology Services, Board of Trustees Chair
  • 2013-2014 Staff Members: Dave Berglund (SAC Representative)(Term End May 2016)

Library and Media Services Advisory Committee

  • Mission: Provide guidance on policies and issues related to the library, as well as media and web services, while avoiding detailed and/or administrative functions. The committee will devote attention to special projects as needed.
  • Length of Term: 2 years
  • Contact: Terri Fishel at 
  • Appointed Members: 1 staff, 3 faculty, 2 students
  • 2013-2014 Staff Members: Nick Raleigh (Term End May 2015)

Resource and Planning Committee (RPC)

  • Mission: Elected body that acts as an advisory committee to the President regarding long-term financial planning. RPC reviews both annual and long-term financial budgets of the college. It undertakes studies of the college's resource use. The RPC specifically reviews recommendations from the senior staff to the President regarding annual tuition increases, the distribution of resources to faculty/staff size and compensation, program budgets and capital expenditures.
  • Length of Term: 3 years; students serve 1-year term
  • Contact: Pete Ferderer at 
  • Appointed Members: 3 staff, and 2 students
  • Elected Members: 6 faculty
  • Permanent Members: Vice President for Administration and Finance
  • 2013-2014 Staff Members: Ruth Janisch Lake (Term End 2014), Barron Koralesky (Term End 2015), Karla Benson Rutten (Term End 2015)

Safe Workplace Committee

  • Mission: To create an injury-free, healthy campus for students, faculty and staff. This committee works in partnership with various campus groups to eliminate the causes of campus or work-related injuries and illnesses.
  • Length of Term: 2 years
  • Contact: Terry Gorman at  and Jason Dempster at, Co-Chairs
  • Appointed Members: 5 staff
  • Permanent Members: Director & Assistant Director of Facilities Services, Director of Safety & Security, Director & Associate Director of Employment Services, Custodial Services Manager, Director of Budget & Institutional Services, Chem Lab Supervisor, a Maintenance Engineer and a Carpenter
  • 2013-2014 Staff Members: Pam Birch (Term End May 2014), Matt Duffy (Term End May 2014), Julie Lucking (Term End May 2014), Kelly Borke (Term End May 2015), Lisa Landreman (Term End May 2015)

Social Responsibility Committee

  • Mission: Provides advice to the college's administration regarding practices and policies on issues with significant implications for responsible institutional behavior.
  • Length of Term: 1 year minimum, no maximum
  • Contact: Laurie Hamre at 
  • Appointed Members: 3 staff, 3 faculty, 2 students, 1 Board of Trustees Liaison
  • Permanent Members: Vice President for Administration and Finance, Vice President of Student Affairs
  • 2013-2014 Staff Members: Paul Schadewald, Brian Lindeman, Chris MacDonald-Dennis

Staff Advisory Council

  • Mission: Elected body that recommends/reviews policies affecting staff; provides social and educational opportunities for staff, and appoints/recommends staff representatives to committees.
  • Length of Term: 3 years
  • Contact: Brenda Piatz at 
  • Elected Members: 5 exempt staff, 4 non-exempt staff
  • 2013-2014 Staff Members: Jacki Betsworth (Term End May 2014), Sedric McClure (Term End May 2014), Herta Pitman (Term End May 2014), Laura Kigin (Term End May 2015), Brenda Piatz (Term End May 2015), Jenae Schmidt (Term End May 2015), Afifa Benwahoud (Term End May 2016), David Berglund (Term End May 2016), Kate Moss (Term End May 2016)

Staff Outstanding Service Award Committee (SOSAC)

  • Mission: Selects the recipient of the annual Staff Outstanding Service Award
  • Length of Term: 3 years
  • Contact: Bob Graf at 
  • Appointed members: 2 exempt staff, 2 non-exempt staff (1 must serve on SAC), prior year's SOSA recipient.
  • Permanent Members: Director of Human Resources
  • 2013-2014 Staff Members: Afifa Benwahoud (Term End May 2014), Jane Kollasch (2013 Winner) (Term End May 2014), Sedric McClure (Term End May 2014), Pattie Lydon (Term End May 2015), Herta Pitman (Term End May 2016)

Student Employment Advisory Committee (SEAC)

  • Mission: Serves as a liaison between the Macalester community and Employment Services, Financial Aid, and Student Employment. SEAC addresses faculty, staff and student concerns regarding student employment and student supervisors. The committee also serves the Student Employment Office in an advisory capacity in determining the current and future direction of student employment at Macalester College.
  • Length of Term: 3 years
  • Contact: Brenda Piatz at 
  • Appointed Members: 9 staff and 2 students
  • Permanent members: Associate Director of Financial Aid, Manager Talent & Student Employment; 2 Advisory Members: Staffing Coordinator, Employment Services Director. Staff appointments to SEAC must be evenly balanced between offices that manage small (1-10), medium (11-50), and large (51 or more) numbers of student employees. The committee should have three representatives from each of these areas.
  • 2013-2014 Staff Members: Patty Pfalz - Medium (Term End May 2014), Indra Halvorsone - Small (Term End May 2015), Margo Dickinson - Medium (Term End May 2015), Danielle Nelson - Large (Term End May 2015), Brenda Piatz - Small (Term End May 2015), Mark Bechtel - Large (Term End May 2015), Stephanie Alden - Medium (Term End May 2016), Stephanie Mulcahey - Small (Term End May 2016), Jesse Sawyer - Large (Term End May 2016)

Sustainability Advisory Committee

  • Mission: To oversee the implementation of the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment and the Talloires Declaration. The committee will also recommend policies and practices which best reflect the College's commitment to an environmentally sustainable world. In addition, the committee will function as a conduit for information exchange about campus sustainability initiatives.
  • Length of Term: 2 years
  • Contact: Suzanne Hansen at 
  • Appointed Members: 2 faculty, 1 exempt staff, 2 non-exempt staff, 4 students
  • Permanent Members: Sustainability Manager, Director of Campus Programs, Director of Facilities Management
  • 2013-2014 Staff Members: Suzanne Burr (Term End May 2014), Colleen Slater (Term End May 2014), Connie Karlen (Term End May 2015)

Wellness and Health at Macalester (WHAM)

  • Mission: To foster a working and learning environment which promotes healthy lifestyle choices by increasing awareness, providing educational opportunities, and supporting lifestyle changes. Healthier lifestyles among faculty and staff will in turn create happier, more productive individuals who benefit themselves, Macalester, and the greater community.
  • Length of Term: 2 years
  • Contact: Lisa Broke at 
  • Appointed Members: 1 staff, 1 faculty
  • 2013-2014 Staff Members: Kelly Borke, Lisa Broek, Susan Fox, Jane Kollasch, Brian Longley, Steve Murray, Sue Rothenbacher, Open Staff Position, Open Faculty Position