Current Issues

Fall 2013 Why is Security on foot? In response to a question about why Security is on foot and doesn’t use any vehicles, SAC gathered information from Terry Gorman and Security and relayed that to the questioner.
Fall 2013 Are lunch plans available for staff commuters? At the request of a staff member, SAC looked into the possibility and cost of a commuter lunch plan for staff similar to the commuter lunch plan for students. Bon Appetit does not have a cost effective plan to offer staff that would save staff money over the cost of individual lunches.
Fall 2013 Can retiring staff keep their email? At the request of a staff member, SAC is investigating whether the college’s email policy provides for access for retired staff members. SAC has learned that the college email policy is being worked on.
Fall 2013 Can retired staff use the Leonard Center? SAC is investigating what the policies are regarding retired staff usage of the Leonard Center as well as whether swimming lessons could be offered to families during the academic year. The usage policy for the Leonard Center states "Retired faculty/staff are allowed to keep their membership to the Leonard Center indefinitely-this is just one of the perks of working at Macalester College. However, that faculty/staff member is NOT allowed to continue having a +1 member attached to his or her membership. The main reasoning behind this is that we need to keep control on the number of individuals using the Leonard center, since it is extremely busy, and we want to protect the usage of the facility for current faculty, staff, and most importantly students."
Fall 2013 Are there massage opportunities available for staff? SAC is looking into whether massage opportunities could be made available to staff like they are to students.