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This year in addition to the Student Employee of the Year award, the Student Employment Advisory Committee chose to add three new awards. To give more students the opportunity to be recognized for their hard work and contribution to the department they work for and Macalester. SEAC has implemented the Most Dedicated, MostEnthusiastic, and Outstanding First-Year Student awards.




Hayley Berra, Most Dedicated 2012, nominated from Campus Center & Conferences.

Most Dedicated: These students demonstrate a strong commitment to their department and Macalester College. They are dedicated to the work or service they provide and go above and beyond the typical call of duty.
Karen Maeda, Asian Languages & Cultures
Jane Bonsall, MAX Center
Stephanie Enwright, Civic Engagement Center
Myriah Myers, Campus Center & Conferences
Wanyi Li, Humanities Resource Center
Jocelyne Cardona, Multicultural Life
Ingrid Jans, Communications and Public Relations
Nathan Powell, Campus Center & Conferences
Samantha Gupta, MAX Center
Jisoo Hong, International Center
Hayley Berra, Campus Center & Conferences
Hiroki Kikuchi, Asian Languages & Cultures



Emily Mendoza, Most Enthusiastic 2012, nominated from the Annual Fund.

Most Enthusiastic: Students nominated for this award demonstrate a positive attitude, energy, and motivation even when adverse situations arise. They maintain a high level of enthusiasm no matter the activity or project. These students should inspire and motivate their peers to become more actively involved in their department and the tasks they need to undertake.
Jolani Daney, MAX Center
Johnna O’Keeffe, Campus Center & Conferences
Daisuke Minami, Asian Languages & Cultures
Anna-Kay Brown, Annual Fund
Leigh Bercaw, MAX Center
Samuel Ludwig, Campus Center & Conferences
Emily Mendoza, Annual Fund
Camille Erickson, Health and Wellness Center
Sarah Mintz, MAX Center
John Carvalho, Campus Center & Conferences



Cody Dail, Outstanding First-Year 2012, nominated from the Civic Engagement Center.

Outstanding First-Year Student: Students nominated for this award are first-year student employees who have made the most outstanding contribution to their department.
Wojciech Michno, MAX Center
Sam Ludwig, Campus Center & Conferences
Cody Dail, Civic Engagement Center
So Nakayama, Asian Languages & Cultures
Amani DeHolton, Humanities Resource Center
Joseph Huber, MAX Center
Charmaine Runes, International Center
Tessa Nichols-Meade, Campus Center & Conferences

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