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Student Employment Advisory Committee (SEAC)
Mission and Structure Statement


The Student Employment Advisory Committee serves as a liaison between the Office of Student Employment and the Macalester community.

The committee:

  • Serves as a liaison between sector constituents and Student Employment.
  • Raises concerns of faculty, staff & students with regards to Student Employment.
  • Promotes programs and activities of student employment.
  • Serves in an advisory capacity for the current and future direction of student employment at Macalester College.

Committee Structure
The Committee is comprised of 11 voting members and 4 non-voting members.

Voting members:

  • 1 Committee Chair, elected by SEAC members annually from one of the below three areas
  • 3 Staff members representing departments employing from 1-­10 student employees
  • 3 Staff members representing departments employing from 11-50 student employees
  • 3 Staff members representing departments employing from 51+ student employees
  • 2 Student Representatives, appointed by Student Government

Non-voting members:

  • 2 Ex­Officio Members:
    • Student Employment Administrator
    • Associate Director of Financial Aid
  • 2 Advisory Members:
    • Payroll Representative
    • Human Resources Director

Staff representatives are nominated annually via the Staff Advisory Council’s (SAC) campus committee nomination ballot and are confirmed by SAC. Members agree to serve a consecutive three ­year term. Student representatives are appointed annually by the Macalester College Student Government (MCSG).  In the event that positions are not able to be filled via SAC or MCSG, or if a position becomes vacant, SEAC may pursue filling that vacancy and will then notify the Staff Advisory Council or MCSG.  The committee meets on a monthly basis during the academic year.

It is each representative’s responsibility to maintain contact with the sector he/she represents. Any issues or concerns should be brought to the Committee’s attention by the sector representative.  Monthly meetings are open to all student employment supervisors. The Committee may elect to hold an open forum for major issues affecting the entire campus. 

Last Revision: January, 2011

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