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Bottled Water Free Policy 9/11

When adopting the Sustainability Plan in 2009, Macalester College made official its commitment to being a leader in the implementation of sustainable collegiate practices. The College is committed to being a leader in the implementation of sustainable collegiate practices. By eliminating the sale and provision of bottled water on campus, Macalester demonstrates a focus on sustainability by promoting a healthy environment, social justice and a strong economy. The policy takes effect on September 1, 2011.

The elimination of plain, individual container bottled water on campus includes:

  • the sale of bottled water in the Highlander, Grille and Scotties;
  • the sale of bottled water by Catering and at athletic concessions;
  • the inclusion in meal pack-outs for groups and individuals;
  • the sale of bottled water in vending machines;
  • the purchase of individual container bottled water with institutional funds.

Macalester will continue to:

  • complete renovations to the Physical Plant, increasing accessibility of tap water in campus buildings;
  • encourage use of permanent individual containers, providing when possible;
  • provide jug water stations at large audience College events;
  • offer alternate healthy drinks in pack-outs and vending machines;
  • provide continued education around issues presented by the use of individual container bottled water.

Recommended by the Social Responsibility Committee
Approved by College Administration

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