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Macalester’s Social Responsibility Committee will provide advice to the College’s administration regarding practices and policies on issues with significant implications for responsible institutional behavior.  While the College always holds itself to high standards of behavior in its day-to-day operations, there may be some subjects that would benefit from a raised level of research, scrutiny or consideration in order to ensure operating practices that are consistent with Macalester’s mission and public persona.  The administration will take the information provided and respond in a thoughtful, considered manner and it will clearly communicate its decisions or plans.

The Committee serves as the receptacle for concerns/issues related to institutional socially responsible behaviors.  In addition, the Committee is in a position to educate members of the community through discussion and action related to College values.  The Committee may respond to or raise issues and concerns. 

The Committee will engage in a discussion or review of issues using the following criteria:

  • The issue must have an identifiable, direct effect on important College constituencies.
  • There should be a broad consensus on the underlying principles that should guide the College; that consensus should include campus based and other constituencies, including alumni.
  • The College’s involvement should have a reasonable chance of making a difference in the discussion.
  • The Committee’s discussion should be seen as consistent with College principles and institutional persona; conversely, a failure to act could be seen as inconsistent with those principles.
  • The Committee will generally avoid issues whose primary focus is partisan politics, including support for specific candidates.
  • All discussions will be based on the best facts available.
  • The Committee may enter debates on specific pieces of public policy or legislation if there is a direct effect on our operations.
  • The Committee will avoid any activities that could threaten our tax exempt status.

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